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Wardrobe makeover

Start with your existing wardrobe - assess what works and what doesn't just as they are.
Are the clothes good as they are or do they need refreshing?
What can you do to get more looks from the same outfit - accessories, mix 'n' match, layering, etc.

Learn from your mistakes
Clothes that don't work
Here are some ideas:

Wrong colour?
Once you're confident with the colours that suit you, try dying the garment. Be sure to follow instructions.

Doesn't look right?
Play around with it - pin the side or back seams or shorten the length. You'll be amazed what this can do. Get a friend to help. If you're not a sewer, make your next best friend an alteration service, they can work wonders.

Tired of the look?
  • Try layering it with other garments of different but complementary colours or patterns. Have fun and play around with different combinations, you'll be surprised what ends up looking great. Break out of your comfort zone.
  • Layer up 2-3 three t-shirts with a hint of the colours underneath showing at the neck and/or hem area.
  • Use different accessories or trims like ribbons, laces or clasps. Kilt pins are great for a modern look.
  • Go completely unconventional and do something different with the garment, e.g. turn a cardigan around so the buttons are down the back and button only the top button (of course you'll have to wear another top underneath - layering tops is great); wear a dress back to front - I've got a couple of dresses I do this with.
  • Replace the buttons with snazzy new ones.
  • Alter the hemline or side seams to give it a different look. It's amazing how lifting a hem length can alter the total look of a garment.
  • Dye the garment - follow instructions carefully.
  • It could just be a simple case of buying another item to add to what you've got as a way of refreshing and updating the look.

Clothes past their use by date?
  • Favourite jeans kneed and beyond wearing? Cut them off and hem them up for long shorts or a great pair of Capri pants.
  • Dark garments looking washed out? Re-dye them.
  • Turn flared or bootleg trousers/jeans into straights - sew up the side seams.
Time to move on? put your unwanted clothes to good use
  • Charities - are always desperate for good quality clothing and accessories.
  • School Galas many schools run very successful clothes stalls, raising a lot of money for their school and/or community.
  • I give my clothes to my sisters or friends. One of my sisters was stoked with her recent acquisitions.

  • Swap your clothes with friends. Make an evening or an afternoon of it. Everyone brings along the clothes they no longer wear/want. Clothes swaps can be loads of fun and you’ll be amazed at what a treasure trove they can be. Ideal to pick friends with similar taste and size.
  • Often you can find community run clothes swaps as well, but be prepared for a bit of a tussle - lots of women and a bargain are sometimes not a good combination!!

  • Secondhand clothing retailers are very popular and are also a great hunting ground for new items to add to your wardrobe. They take a commission for selling on your behalf.

Ready to add to your wardrobe?
  • Think about your .
  • Think about your , and the parts of your body you feel great about, as well as the parts you'd prefer to disguise.
  • Only buy that enhance your look. No matter how fab the garment might be style-wise, if the colour isn't right there is little point buying it, it won't do you any favours.
  • Keep inching out, testing the waters - you'll gain confidence the more you do it. Experiment, have fun with it. Go into a store and try on at least three different things that you would never normally choose, be it style, colour or both. How do they make you feel?
  • If you're just out to buy trousers or a skirt, be sure you also take a mix of tops into the fitting room so you can see a whole range of different looks with the trousers/skirt.
  • Buy clothes or accessories with your existing wardrobe in mind - be sure that what you are buying goes with your other clothes.

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