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Positive Attitude


No matter what size or shape we are, a lot of us have some hang up about our body or our appearance. This needs to change.

no matter what size

Any successful personal makeover has to start with feeling good about yourself.

Make a list of what's great about you

When you create your list, assess yourself as another person would, be objective. And we're not just talking about your appearance, list everything great and not so great about you and include things like your personality.


What's great about me?What's okay?What's not great?
  • My boobs
  • My eyes
  • Skin
  • Finger nails
  • I'm bubbly, friendly, active and out-going
  • I'm caring and kind
  • My scars
  • My bottom
  • My bloated tummy
  • Flabby arms
  • Cellulite on my thighs

Taking the 'what's not great' column (on the right), are there any things you can shift to the 'what's okay' column? Be really honest with yourself.

Show family or close friends your list. Do they think you're being realistic?

Are you surprised by your list? Are there more fab things about you than you thought? Why is it that we always focus on 'not so good' things? Men don't do this, they just get on with things.

It's important to love ourselves. If we do, we feel more confident and happy and it has a flow-on effect to everything we do - our relationships, the way we engage with life, etc. This is really important to teach our children.

  • Talk kindly to yourself. Praise yourself. And do this regularly, even daily. It's not about being vain.
  • Learn to dress to accentuate your great bits and play down the not so great.

Often what we perceive as not great about ourselves is in reality nothing to worry about at all.

A client recently said she didn't like a dress because it showed off her knees. There was absolutely nothing wrong with her knees!
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