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Shannon, 38


AGE 38
HEIGHT 152cm (5')

Hourglass Hourglass


Deep & Clear








Shannon's photos are below her story. 




I Couldn’t Keep Away… 


It started with a visit to a childhood friend living in New Zealand… upon returning to homeland Canada, I couldn’t stop thinking about the beautiful place called New Zealand. I returned as soon as I could and now 11 years down the track I’m a kiwi through and through. I married a Kiwi 9 years ago and now have two beautiful children, my daughter is 7 and my son is 5.


I’m a stay at home mum. I love that I've had the opportunity to stay at home with my kids during the day and that my husband supports me in this choice and is not rushing me to get back into paid work.


I’m a craftaholic! I especially love to sew and crochet, but I'll give any craft a go. I do a lot of crafting for charity – at the moment I am mostly making baby items for Little Sprouts*, but I also donate many items I make for raffles for kindy, dancing, etc.


Both of my children do Irish dancing – my daughter dances competitively and my son is looking forward to competing next year. Being a dancing mum is a job in itself - it's a huge part of our lives, and I love it! The kids go to classes 3 to 5 times per week (plus competitions) and my daughter also does busking to save up to travel to competitions outside of Wellington. I make all of my daughter and son's solo dancing costumes – I love that I can combine my craft ability with their dancing abilities, plus it saves us a lot of money!




* Little Sprouts makes up baby packs that are given (for free) to the most vulnerable babies and their families in our communities through organisations like the Women's Refuge, Barnardos, the Neonatal Trust, Birthright, Family Start Programs for at risk families, Red Cross Refugee Services, the Salvation Army, the House of Grace home for pregnant teens and more.

The packs include many of the items the babies need to thrive and keep them safe, such as: clothing; sheets, blankets & sleeping bags; baby toys & books; nappies; flannels & towels; smoke alarms & thermometers. They also try to include a gift for mum in each pack. I crochet & sew items for the babies and mums which are included in the packs.




 Pink Heart Flipped



shannon'S makeover story continues below






Please note, that nearly all items are available in Australia and New Zealand either in store or online.






Shannon has the hourglass body shape, where her shoulders and hips are about the same in width and she nips in at the waist. 


What really surprised Shannon when we were shopping, was how fabulous she looked in more fitted clothes. Previously she'd always gone for A-line style skirts and dresses and now she can't believe how good she looks in a straighter style. Her previous style also always included a cardigan, buttoned up, with everything she wore.  Through her Gorgeous Me makeover, Shannon's been exposed to new and different styles which she really likes.



 Hour Glass





What a treat, Shannon suited so many colours that are featuring in the Spring/Summer ranges - orange, blues, greens, pinks, cream...


Her colour palette's are Deep and Clear. She's a Winter girl for those that work to the Seasonal Palettes.

Gorgeous Me Colour Palette - Deep 

Gorgeous Me Colour Palette - Clear



Please note, colours vary from computer screen to computer screen, printer to printer. 

It's also important to note, that even though there are 'colour palettes' for different profiles, not all colours within those palettes will suit everyone. 


Gorgeous Me Colour Comparison With Seasonal Colour Palettes



shannon's HAIR


Gorgeous Me Makeover With Shannon Oct '14

Krissy at Kristina Raffaele

Shannon has naturally beauitful healthy hair which was a great base to work from. Krissy introduced a fringe, which she started from high on Shannon's head, to help lengthen the appearance of her face. She took the fringe wide to show off her bone structure, eyes and glasses.


Krissy cut a lot of layers into Shannon's hair, cutting as much as 5 inches off from some of the top layers, which leaves Shannon with a versatile cut that will be easy to manage at home - she can wear it straight, can curl it or wear that on-trend beachy, messy look.


Another current trend is thick ombre (light to dark) highlights, for which Krissy chose red to complement Shannon's fair skin colouring.


Gorgeous Me LOVES team Kristina Raffaele.





shannon'S Makeup 


Gorgeous Me Makeover With Shannon Oct '14v2


Stacey, makeup artist at Kristina Raffaele


Stacey chose to keep Shannon's makeup fairly neutral so as not to compete with her striking hair colour and style. If you wear glasses, add definition through the likes of dark eyeliner and mascara.  Stacey used Smashbox makeup. 


A WORD FROM shannon


"My confidence has been given a major boost since my makeover. I've seen how great I can look in photos and instead of always hiding behind the camera I'm now making sure the kids make room for me in some of the shots too.



I've learnt that I can be a size 16 and still look fabulous! I now know to look for clothes that highlight the great parts of me rather than trying to hide the parts I don't like under something big and baggy.



I've already stopped doing up the middle buttons on my cardi! I'm going to be a lot more conscious when I go shopping for clothes and not just settle for things that are in the right size and just ok - I now know that there are a lot of clothes out there that look amazing on me, so why settle for anything that doesn't? 


When shopping for clothes I would definitely recommend trying on a few things that you wouldn't normally think to try. Lisa put me in outfits that I would never in a million years have picked out for myself, and they looked great on me! 


The whole makeover experience has been great - I'm so pleased with my new look! I'm looking forward to spending a day reviewing my wardrobe to come up with some great outfits from what I already have and getting rid of the clothes that do nothing for me. And then of course a little more shopping to fill in the gaps."  




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