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Rose, 55


AGE 55
HEIGHT 168cm (5'6)

Hourglass Hourglass


Warm & Clear








Rose's photos are below her story. 




My next stage of life


Rose and her husband are recent ‘empty nesters’, their three daughters having left home - two are at University and one is traveling abroad. Rose confesses that shopping for herself in the past has either been following the fashion whims of her daughters or going for the tried and trusted black options.


“I want a Gorgeous Me makeover for some confidence to move away from my default “black” clothes, tips to dress for my age, “hormones” and budget!  I’m hoping for some fresh ideas to dress for my body shape and age, confidence to think outside the square and introducing more colours to my wardrobe. Fresh ideas for makeup will also be fantastic!”

Rose works in an executive position for a membership organisation, and says if she had her time again she would like to be involved helping people, maybe in a healthcare setting and possibly with children.

Rose took up yoga 18 months ago and loves it, she also enjoys walking, especially along the coastline where she lives, pilates, the gym, cooking and entertaining.

One of her most exhilarating accomplishments in life was in February this year when she and hubby completed the 6 hour walk up Roy’s Peak in Wanaka in 30 degree heat! The summit is 1,578-metres and whilst the walk itself is only 11km, it’s tough going, “I needed lots of encouragement (and chocolate!). It was well worth it, the views from the top were absolutely spectacular”.

Rose’s dream would be to travel extensively overseas and maybe assist with training guide dog puppies. This comes at a sad time for Rose, when her family had to lay to rest their faithful golden Labrador “Brie”, who was 13½ years old, age finally took its toll.

We asked Rose, if she could invite three people along to dinner, who would they be:

- “Annabel Langbein as she is so inspirational, as is her cooking style

- Kate Middleton as she is gorgeous, does fantastic charity work and will be a wonderful Queen one day

- Australian actress Asher Keddie, who plays “Nina” in “Offspring”, she is hilarious in her character and so many women can relate to her!”



 Pink Heart Flipped



rose'S makeover story continues below






Please note, in most cases we have provided full-pricing below but now many of the retailers are in full-on sales mode - we like that. Also please note that nearly all items are available in Australia and New Zealand either in store or online.






Rose has the hourglass body shape, meaning the width of her shoulders and hips are about the same and she has a smaller, defined waist. The styles we chose helped to play down her slightly wider hips and thighs.



 Hour Glass





Rose's natural hair colour is light-brown, she has soft, warm brown/hazel coloured eyes and olive coloured skin. She sprang to life when we put browns, khaki, orange and warm reds against her, and also some bright, bold colours but didn't suit burgundy, teal and certain blues, for example. Her primary colour palette is Warm, and she also suits many colours from the Clear palette too. Black doesn't even feature in these palettes and yet it's been dominate in her wardrobe.


With colours, it's not just about the colour, it's about the tone of the colour. For example, Rose tried on a deep khaki coloured top that looked fabulous but a lighter khaki coloured jacket, bordering on grey, did nothing for her.


It's also important to note, that even though there are 'colour palettes' for different profiles, not all colours within those palettes will suit everyone. 


Gorgeous Me Colour Palette - Warm


Gorgeous Me Colour Palette - Clear

Please note, colours vary from computer screen to computer screen, printer to printer.





Gorgeous Me Makeover Rose Jun '14 #20

Krissy at Kristina Raffaele

Rose was at the in-between stage of growing her hair; sparked by her brother's comment that she looked like a man! What Rose didn't appreciate is that a well-styled short cut would only enhance her gorgeous structured cheek bones and natural beauty. Rose could easily carry off a more youthful look, both in hair style and clothes.


Her hair had recently been coloured red at the base, so Krissy and her team had to strip this out before applying a warm caramel coloured base and then 7 other variations of rich creams and white blondes to create this stunning look. Krissy used darker colours at the base with the lightest colours at the front and ends.


Like any of Krissy's hair styles, this one will be easy for Rose to manage, it will work with her lifestyle and will blend really well with any regrowth.



Gorgeous Me LOVES the team at Kristina Raffaele.






rose'S Makeup 

Gorgeous Me Makeover Rose Jun '14 #11

Stacey, makeup artist at Kristina Raffaele


Stacey kept the makeup neutral and minimal to enhance Rose's striking facial features (eyes and cheek bones) and overall natural beauty. As you age, the key is to go lighter/less with your makeup. Also, consider using 'matt' powdered eyeshadow to minimise the appearance of the fine crepe-like lines, as opposed to eyeshadows that shimmer and accentuate them.




"I feel totally transformed, confident and empowered with my new hairstyle and future wardrobe choices."


"Putting myself in the hands of “Gorgeous Me” was something I’ve never done before – just letting Lisa and her team take over with their vision of how I would look at the end of the day was a totally amazing experience and a triumph for me. I was so taken aback by the result and it was the most inspiring journey!!

I learnt how to search for clothes in the right colours, pull affordable outfits together and think outside of “black, black and a bit more black”!! Lisa has such wonderful ideas and can pull together the most amazing versatile outfits that I will definitely try to achieve in my wardrobe. It’s great to learn that expensive doesn’t mean it’s right and that black is ok, but more as a basic to layer with other colours and textures. Lisa’s outfit for a formal dinner was so wonderful and clever, 3 reasonably priced pieces that can be used to create different looks together or individually.

I loved getting fresh makeup ideas and once again, less is more, particularly in your 50s! I’ll be making more effort not to revert to brown eye shadow and heavy eyeliner!

I LOVE my hair and the team did a fantastic job at stripping the colour and transforming my look. Brunette days are gone!

Clothes can make you feel more confident and younger. Taking the time to think outfits and accessories through is well worth doing to achieve a mix of clothes to take you from yoga to casual weekend, work and socialising.

I cannot thank Lisa and her team enough, you are SO talented and it was a privilege to have this empowering opportunity. I am buzzing!!" Rose





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