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Penny, 40


AGE 40
HEIGHT 176cm (5'8)

Hourglass Hourglass










Penny's photos are below her story. 



it's now time for me & i'm ready for it


Penny has just celebrated her 40 birthday, and what a great way to celebrate with a family holiday in Fiji. Penny is a mum of three girls aged 8, 6 and 4 so life as you can imagine is all rather busy.

Over the last eight years, during the time Penny had her girls, life has been busy alternating between 'Mum Penny' and 'Work Penny' and very little in between. "I'm useless at making time for myself and with my changing body shape (three pregnancies), a busy household, and limited disposable income, my wardrobe has suffered. I didn’t even know where to start with building up my clothes again. But with the girls getting that little bit older, I’m now coming out of the haze."


"I’ve dyed my hair blonde for the last 20 years, so I don’t really know what my true hair colour is these days! I've often wondered what I’d look like as a brunette. When I had a shopping trip with Lisa [of Gorgeous Me] a few months ago, she candidly suggested I think about going brunette. And when she rang later to ask if I’d be interested in a makeover, I jumped at the chance."


" 'I love being’. Being with my family, being with friends, being active (circuit class, running, swimming), being on holiday, being in the moment."



 Pink Heart Flipped



penny'S makeover story continues below






Please note, that nearly all items are available in Australia and New Zealand either in store or online.






Penny has the hourglass body shape, meaning the width of her shoulders and hips are about the same and she has a smaller, defined waist. 



 Hour Glass





Penny has been blonde her whole life, though with age the blonde has darkened substantially. She has very fair skin, with dark eyebrows and green eyes. Her blonde hair, fair skin and the light colours she used to wear, made her look washed out. Penny had a one-on-one styling-shopping session with Lisa prior to the makeover. The moment we put her in Cool colours, colours with a blue undertone, her eyes popped and she sprang to life. Her friends all commmented on her amazing eyes.

Gorgeous Me Colour Palette - Cool 

Please note, colours vary from computer screen to computer screen, printer to printer. 

It's also important to note, that even though there are 'colour palettes' for different profiles, not all colours within those palettes will suit everyone. 



Penny's HAIR


Gorgeous Me Makeover - Penny Aug '14


Krissy at Kristina Raffaele

From Penny's styling-shopping session with Lisa, even though putting her in Cool colours (with a blue undertone) enhanced her appearance immensely, Lisa believed Penny would respond really well to a darker hair colour - brunette!! Krissy from Kristina Raffaele whole-heartedly agreed.


We're all stoked with Penny's new hair colour and style - she looks striking and her eyes pop even more.


As with all of Krissy's hair styles, this one will be really easy for Penny to manage herself, Krissy has worked with her natural curls.


Gorgeous Me LOVES the team at Kristina Raffaele.





penny'S Makeup 

Gorgeous Me Makeover - Penny Aug '14 #2 

Stacey, makeup artist at Kristina Raffaele


A striking new hair style deserves striking makeup. Stacey used Smashbox makeup with cool tones. 




"What amazing green eyes you have!


As a result of the colours I'm now wearing with my new clothes and my new hair colour, people are commenting on my amazing green eyes, they'd never noticed them before! Who'd believe that simply changing your colours could have such a dramatic change in your appearance. I previously wore a lot of natural and dark colours that I didn't appreciate made me look washed out.


And now, instead of standing at my wardrobe and staring aimlessly into it each morning, I now love choosing what to wear. Revamping your wardrobe after kids is daunting – a 2-hour shopping session with Lisa broke through that barrier and now all I have to do is top up on things occasionally. Such a great service. And Lisa’s caring approach meant that I never felt pressured to buy anything I didn’t 100% love. 


What I learnt from the makeover: (including my original shopping trip)

  • I learnt so much – my colours, what styles suit me, encouraging me to try new things. It has re-energised me.

  • You only need a few basics to start getting some variety in your wardrobe. For example, a work jacket is a staple that I haven’t had for a few years and I now use a lot.


I’m absolutely thrilled with my makeover, particularly the change in hair colour. While I’m still trying to process the change (and am constantly looking in the mirror to remind myself what I look like), I’ve received lovely comments from so many people. My makeover has given me new energy and confidence to take on each day. I’m also more open to trying new clothes styles that I had originally thought were for the young, and I can’t wait to make some more time for myself (read: shopping)!


Life doesn’t have to be the ‘same old’ each day. Thanks Lisa for pushing me ever so gently!! A superb outcome that I wasn’t expecting." Penny



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