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Nicole, 25


AGE 25
HEIGHT 157cm (5'1")

Straight Straight


 Cool & Clear








Nicole's photos are below her story. 




The Magic of IVF


Nicole is a young Mum of two-year old Roman. Roman is her special IVF miracle, as is baby number two - Nicole is pregnant after her third successful round of IVF.


Nicole is very open about IVF; she says she’s one of the lucky ones. In fact, when she first set out on her IVF programme, she started a YouTube video blog to share her experiences with other women going through the same thing. She found the information she got from the clinic all a bit scary and daunting, so now she shares and shows women what’s involved - injections, ultrasounds, egg collection, embryo transfer and all the tears and worries in-between - they’re all captured on camera and uploaded on YouTube. For those that are interested, Nicole’s channel is called IVF Mumma - She has almost 3,000 subscribers.


“I began to connect with women all around the world, they followed my journey through pregnancy and then as a mother, through miscarriage and another pregnancy. It’s amazing how close you can get to people through the help of the Internet. Making the videos and responding to viewer questions and cries for help, is just about a full-time job but I love it. I get immense pleasure out of helping other woman, though at times what they need is beyond my expertise.”


Videoing for her blog led her to start a business videoing weddings. “I LOVE weddings, so videoing them is the best job ever! The best thing is seeing the groom cry when he sees his beautiful wife-to-be walk down the aisle - so many emotions!”


Nicole loves to bake - hubby’s not complaining! She also loves walking their two dogs down at the river most days, it’s so quiet and relaxing. She used to read a lot, draw and paint but since becoming a mum, there’s little time for it at the moment.






Nicole's makeover story continues below...






Please note, we have provided full-pricing below, even though a number of items have been generously discounted.



Hair style

Nicole has gorgeous blue eyes, and very pale skin with pinky tones. Although a natural dark blonde, the lighter blonde of her current hair was draining her, giving her face a washed out look - her eyes disappeared and were flat looking.


Krissy at Kristina Raffaele recommended going red and adding red highlights at the ends, not all the way from the crown - the latest hairstyling trend. Krissy also recommended introducing a fringe and some soft layers to give her hair more movement and style.






Igg PR



Thanks again to our gorgeous friends at Kristina Raffaele. You do an amazing job, not to mention make our models feel like princesses.

Nicole's Makeup 




Nicole has combination skin - very dry in places and oily in others. We used a correcting primer to even out her skin tone and provide a great base/canvas to work on. We used blue eyeshadows to enhance her gorgeous eyes.



Revlon PhotoReadyTM Color Correcting Primer

Revlon PhotoReadyTM Eye Primer

Revlon ColorStayTM Under Eye Concealer

Revlon ColorStayTM Concealer

Revlon PhotoReadyTM Foundation

Revlon PhotoReadyTM Powder

Revlon Powder Blush

Revlon ColorStayTM Eye Shadow 

Revlon ColorStayTM Eyebrow Liner

Revlon Luxurious Colour Eyeliner

Revlon 3D Volume Mascara

Revlon ColorStayTM Lipliner, colour Nude

Revlon ColorStayTM Ultimate Suede Lipstick, colour Runway (015)



Nicole is pregnant so temporarily her body shape has changed - she's a straight. Most of the styles we chose for her was with her pregancy in mind, but also styles she could continue wearing post-pregnancy.


Nicole has a big bust, so v-neck styles were great for her, and because of her expanding belly, styles that draped below the bust, skimming over her tum worked really well.  We also looked for wide-shoulder styles to accommodate her broadness.








Nicole has 'english rose' skin colouring, very pale and soft, with a pinky undertone. Her eyes are a beautiful blue and were getting lost with her blonde hair colouring. 

We would've liked to have seen Nicole in more of these wonderful colours, you will note we used a lot of dark colours, including blacks in her makeover.  Unfortunately, there wasn't enough of the 'right style & colour' around at the time. Nicole now knows what to look out for.


                  CLEAR                       COOL

Clear & Cool




"My eyes are BLUE - I just about forgot, they were washed out with my blonde hair! I had no idea how much they would pop with my new vibrant hair, it's now the first thing people mention! 


I learnt so much from the makeover. I now know what colours wash me out and what don't, and what style top to wear to accommodate my bust. I learnt I can wear stripes and they look good on me. I've never worn or even tried stripes before!


Most of all, I learnt not to be afraid to try out new things. It surprised me how many items of clothing I thought looked terrible on the rack but once on, hugged me in the right places and made me feel confident in what I was wearing.


If I could offer one piece of advice to other women, it would be to find out your colours! Who would have thought the colour of my clothes is what made me look so pale. And make time for yourself - mothers, grandmas and aunties are important too, we all deserve to treat ourselves."




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