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Natalie, 39


AGE 39
HEIGHT 151cm (4'11)

Hourglass Hourglass


Clear & Cool








Natalie's photos are below her story. 




makeover dream


"I was really looking forward to a makeover - I’m a busy working mum who devotes what time she has to her near 5-year old daughter with very little time for myself.


I’ve gained a lot of weight in the last few years and I just don’t know how to dress for my size, being short doesn’t help. I also can’t seem to do anything with my hair and don’t have the time as I’m always rushing out the door. 

I’ve had a lot of stress over the last few years. My husband has been out of full-time work since injurying his back and I’ve been working to provide for the family, not easy on my salary, and then of course doing the usual “mummy” things every day. Unfortunately we don’t really have any family support and rarely get any “us” time either. Thankfully things look like they're about to turn a corner, my husband starts a new job at the end of the month.

I'm hoping with this makeover that I will again feel like “me”, more attractive and happy to be “me”, not just somebody's mum, wife, cook and cleaner. I used to be a very social and outgoing person before my daughter came along but as we know, life changes dramatically with children. I'm hoping the makeover will encourage me to look after myself better and take pride in myself. My daughter is always very well dressed and it's about time I did the same for myself again. As we are on a very tight budget, clothes for myself have always come way down the list of priorities, so knowing what to buy won't seem such a waste of money!

If I had one wish – it would be to have more quality time to myself so I can go for walks and lose some of those extra kilos as well as time out with my husband."




 Pink Heart Flipped



natalie's makeover story continues below






Please note, we have provided full-pricing below, even though a number of items have been generously discounted. Also please note that nearly all items are available in Australia and New Zealand either in store or online.






Natalie is an hourglass body shape - her shoulders and hips are about the same width, with a smaller waist measurement. Natalie says it's a challenge finding clothes to accommodate her height (151cm (4'11"")) and size. Natalie now appreciates that when purchasing some garments she will need to have them altered - generally shortening the hems on tops, trousers and sleeves. 

Irrespective of what height you are, it's all about keeping the balance/proportions right - for example, that you wear tops and skirts that are the right length for your body.


 Hour Glass





Natalie's natural hair colour is mid-brown, 'mousey', she has brown eyes and a pinky tone to her skin. She really suited colours in the Cool palette - blues, greens, purples, burgundy and colours like pink but with a blue undertone. When we tried warmer colours like olive and orange against her, she looked washed out. She also suits the bluey-based colours from the CLEAR palette - crisp, bold, bright colours. 


                 CLEAR                       COOL

Clear & Cool




natalie's HAIR


Gorgeous Me Natalie 's Makeover Mar '14

Natalie's hair is very fine and naturally a mid-brown colour. It was out of condition, home dye treatments dried and damaged her hair, with many of the ends broken off. The blonde highlights weren't doing anything to enhance her complexion or appearance.


Krissy, from Kristina Raffaele, chose to do away with Natalie's fringe, something she'd had for a long time, to really open up and lengthen the appearance of her face. Krissy kept the length as much as she could, whilst cutting out the damaged hair, keeping the length underneath and layering the outer layers to give the hair more body and flick. Krissy opted for a warm brown colour to complement her skin colouring and knowing that she suited blue-based colours.


Thanks again to the WONDERFUL team at Kristina Raffaele for the hair styling and makeup.




natalie's Makeup 

We chose a natural look for Natalie, keeping the colours light around her eyes because they're naturally deep-set, and using a berry coloured lipstick which works well with her skin colouring and the garments she was going to wear.


A WORD FROM natalie


"The day after the makeover I didn’t want to wear my old clothes, I wanted to go and find some of the fantastic outfits that Lisa put me in. Some of the outfits were out of my comfort zone but after the photo shoot I was starting to feel comfortable about wearing different clothes that I wouldn’t have worn before. I am so stoked at having so many more options open to me. I went out and bought six new outfits including some green suede ankle boots and long “costume” jewellery. 


I used to shop for clothes that were conservative and would work with what I already had. I now have bright and colourful clothing, including round necks which I didn’t think would work for me - the importance of accessories and layering is now at the top of my shopping list when looking for clothes.


I previously haven't bothered trying to find jeans to fit me as I thought there wouldn’t be any around that would look semi decent. Lisa proved me wrong and I stupidly said “if you find some to fit me, I’ll kiss the ground you walk on”, needless to say she succeeded!  


Gorgeous Me - Natalie 's Makeover March 14 (12)


"If you can find jeans to fit me, I'll kiss the ground you walk on." Natalie to Lisa. Lucky for Natalie we didn't make her kiss the pavement!



I just can’t believe that I now enjoy shopping for clothes, it used to depress me. I am a changed woman!!! I can’t thank Lisa enough for opening my eyes - I feel sexier and more comfortable about my size and what actually flatters my body shape. 


If there is one thing I can’t emphasis enough from my experience is give anything a go, just take accessories with you! What could be a drab shirt can look stunning with a good piece of bling and a jacket!!!! I have big upper arms and knowing how to “un-emphasise” them with the right sleeve is so important.



I always used to make sure my daughter looked good and spent little time on myself. Now it will be my mission to spend at least 10 minutes on myself getting ready for the day. It's amazing how much it lifts your mood. Looking good equates to feeling good!!!





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