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Leigh, 37


AGE 37
HEIGHT 157cm (5'2)

Hourglass Hourglass


Warm & Clear








Leigh's photos are below her story. 




Timely Makeover


Leigh has a gentle nature and is instantly loveable; she admits she prefers to “sit in the background” and let others have the limelight. Well, no more we hope.


Leigh’s makeover is very timely because she’s about to start a new job. Her current role is working in the office of a processing/production company, hubby works there too, and her work attire consists of jeans and t-shirts. That’s all about to change as she starts as receptionist for a law firm where appearance helps create a professional image. “The makeover will be perfect for helping to shift my look; I’m hopeless with fashion. I walk into a shop and want to head straight back out again!”


Life is full on for this busy mother of three boys aged 16, 12 and 7. First off, there’s a strong family interest in Tae Kwon Do, as can be seen in a picky below with Mum and oldest son, Kayne, each scoring a medal in recent Australian Champs. Tae Kwon Do is not without its mishaps, Leigh badly broke her arm during pre-champs training two years ago! And then there’s hockey - Leigh manages two hockey teams and is a referee for one.  When time permits, she enjoys reading and gardening and loves those special times when the family go fishing and camping, spending as much time together as they can.


“I’m hoping this makeover will make me feel more feminine, and to be comfortable with ‘me’.”




 Pink Heart Flipped



leigh'S makeover story continues below






Please note, that nearly all items are available in Australia and New Zealand either in store or online.






Leigh has the hourglass body shape, meaning the width of her shoulders and hips are about the same and she has a smaller, defined waist. 



 Hour Glass





Leigh's natural colourings are warm, with hazel coloured eyes and skin that bronzes up over summer months. She suits the Warm colour palette - think warming shades of Autumn - and also Clear colours, colours with some pop.


Gorgeous Me Colour Palette - Warm



Gorgeous Me Colour Palette - Clear


Please note, colours vary from computer screen to computer screen, printer to printer. 

It's also important to note, that even though there are 'colour palettes' for different profiles, not all colours within those palettes will suit everyone. 



leigh's HAIR


Gorgeous Me Makeover Leigh Oct '14 17

Krissy at Kristina Raffaele

Leigh has beautiful, thick, healthy hair. Most of the time she wears in it in a ponytail, for ease and to keep it out of her way. Leigh has a square face shape, square around the jaw line. By cutting layers around the face it helps to soften the angular lines and helps to enhance her gorgeous cheek bones. Krissy chose a brown colour base and accentuated it with chunky blonde highlights to enhance Leigh's natural colourings but also to even out the slight redness in her cheeks. Leigh would've also responded well to a light blonde but living on a rural property with copper pipes, whenever Leigh has blonde hair, it turns green! We can't be having that!


Leigh's new hairstyle will be very easy to manage and is very versatile - she can have it wavey, messy or straight, or in a ponytail if she must! As soon as the photo shoot was over Leigh wanted to put her hair in a ponytail - Lisa wouldn't let her! Old habits are very hard to break!


Gorgeous Me LOVES the team at Kristina Raffaele.





leigh'S Makeup 

Gorgeous Me Makeover - Leigh Oct '14 8

Kristy from Kristina Raffaele, working her magic on Leigh's makeup


With Leigh's natural warm colourings, Kristy chose warm gold and green coloured eyeshadow's from the Smashbox range. Leigh has a light sprinkling of broken capillaries on her cheeks, resulting from her last pregnancy - to reduce the redness, Kristy used Smashbox's Photofinish Colour Correcting Adjuster.





“I feel on top of life! Previously I would stand in the corner and let everyone else take place before me. Now I am comfortable in my own skin and want to stand up in front as well.



I lost 25kg in 2012 but after I badly broke my arm in an accident at Tae Kwon Do, I lost a lot of confidence and put back on most of the weight. This experience has helped me find ‘me’ again as I felt so lost. Entering the competition was something I would never normally do. Putting my family first was easier than facing myself. I am now ready to face all the new and exciting things that are waiting for me, including my new job. I really do feel comfortable being me xo.


I’d like to pass on a piece of advice that I picked up from the makeover - you are just as important as your family. Take time out for you, you are worth it!" Leigh






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