Always Gorgeous




AGE 31
HEIGHT 167cm (5'5")

Hourglass Hourglass


Clear & Warm









Living Life


Kiri is all about giving things a go and she embraces life for all it has to offer.


Kiri started her working life as a nanny. In fact that’s how I met Kiri, at the tender age of 19, she nannied my two boys. Gulp, I had hired a 19 year old to look after my precious bundles, one only 5 months old!  But there was something very special and mature about Kiri, you could sense it straight away. Perhaps it was a rub off from her kind and caring parents, who over the time Kiri was growing up adopted and fostered a lot of children.


After a magic 18 months, Kiri wanted to further herself and decided upon teaching.  It was a huge mindset change to do a teaching degree, especially after her turbulent and extremely lazy years in secondary school. “It was a great feeling to achieve this and find out in the process that I was far more capable than I had given myself credit for”, says Kiri.


And now, having gone through the wonderful experience of having her own children, she has her sights set on becoming a midwife, once her girls are a little older and she can find the time for the extensive studies.


In her spare time - like there is any - she loves horse riding and mountain biking.  Kiri grew up in rural Dunedin and is keen to one day, finances permitting or winning Lotto, own a rural block where her children can experience the wonders that she herself enjoyed as a youngster - horses, cows and chickens right at your doorstep.




Kiri's story continues below...





Please note, we have provided full-pricing below, even though a number of items have been generously discounted.





Kiri has the hourglass, balanced body shape - her shoulders and hips are about the same in measurement/width and she has a smaller, defined waist.


Hour Glass 



In looking for styles for Kiri, we chose v-neck, low-neck or open-neck tops, which worked well with Kiri's bust. We also showed Kiri that if some outfits have a high neckline, by wearing a long pendant necklace or a scarf you can help break up the visual appearance of the bust area.


Kiri struggles to find trousers to fit her. She generally needs to have them taken up because they're always too long. 7/8 length trousers (sitting at the ankle or just above) are in for this season, and this proved a big hit with Kiri.  






Kiri's skin really tans up over the summer months, a beautiful olive colour, and lightens over winter. She really suited warm, autumn colours - Warm - and colours that were strong, bold and crisp - Clear. 






Claire, our other makeover model, suits the same colour palettes but her skin and hair colouring is completely different. There's not a set formula when it comes to colour, try lots of different colours and shades of colour on when you're shopping.




A word from Kiri


"What I mostly wanted to get out of the makeover was a great new hairstyle, and I definitely got this. I love my new hair! It takes no time at all to dry and style, and looks fab. I have had the same or similar hair for years and it's refreshing to have a total change.


While getting a semi dramatic hair cut can be a daunting decision, the confidence of the stylists at Kristina Raffaele made me feel very at ease about having it done.


Shopping was also a learning experience for me. I would walk through a shop and pick one or two things; Lisa would follow behind and grab loads more! It was great to try on so many items and see things that suited me, which I wouldn’t have ever picked for myself. And shopping for pants - I have always thought pants were hard to find but there were plenty of pants around that fitted, I just needed to try them on!


It was lots of fun. Loved the clothes, love my hair; and I have some learnt some great new tips and now know what to wear and what not to wear!


Thanks Gorgeous Me, love your work! Ox




What did Kiri's 3 year old daughter think of Mum's new hairstyle?


"With no initial reaction, my husband asked her if something was different about me.  She looked me up and down and said I didnt have socks on!!  Anyway I said to try again and then she said "your hair" then laughed a lot. Once she stopped laughing she said it was 'good'."


Priceless :)





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