Always Gorgeous


Janice, 60


AGE 60
HEIGHT 162cm (5'3")

Hourglass Hourglass


Clear & Warm








Janice's photos are below her story. 



Small steps to something new and motivating


"I read about Gorgeous Me on while waiting for my husband. The concept sounded really great and as I have worked in the community with lower-socio economic women I was fascinated with the shopping consultation. What a great concept for women, who can look gorgeous simply and economically. So...when I saw Gorgeous Me offering a free makeover I was hooked!

Next thing I needed was to be voted in, so away I went - and then I won. I have never done anything like this before so I'm really excited, particularly about the shopping. So much of my clothing has years on it and I am ready to shop!!! I do not really get into accessories much and would like to experiment more.

My husband and I have been self-employed most of our lives. I left school without a qualification and at least three jobs on offer. When I was 42, I decided to study and completed my Bachelor of Education. My adult student life was great fun and it was very rewarding when I graduated.

I have 4 adult children and 10 grandchildren. We lost our second son, aged 28, two years ago. Moving forward is difficult after such a huge loss and it happens in small degrees. My makeover is a degree, if you like, to reaching forward into something new and motivating for me.

I love travelling to different countries and cultures and have been very blessed to visit many countries. Earlier this year I travelled to Thailand, Turkey and Israel. Last year I spent 5 months in Vietnam and then Cambodia.

I want to become more fluent in my own language, Te Reo Maori. I want to get back to the golf course. I would like to be more intentional about my fitness now I am getting older but by nature I am a “snuggle in” person." Janice




Janice's makeover story continues below...






Please note, we have provided full-pricing below, even though a number of items have been generously discounted.



Janice's hair





Janice has naturally lovely curly hair. Her current length looked good on her. Krissy cut a lot of the volume out but kept the length, working on reducing the layering affect of her current style, which was making her hair slightly difficult to manage and making it look frizzy. Her natural dark olive skin colour meant that she suited darker colours, and we added rich red chunky highlights for warmth and texture.


The new style is very easy for Janice to manage on her own, without the need for excessive styling or product.


Thanks again to the WONDERFUL team at Kristina Raffaele.




Gorgeous Me Makeovers Nov 13 - Janice & Nicole # (13)


Red, chunky highlights add warmth, texture and interest

Janice's Makeup 




Janice has lovely dark olive skin all year round. We used correcting primer to even out her skin tones, and used warm browns and golds for her eyeshadow. For the photo shoot, Janice was wearing a lot of bold colours so we kept her lipstick colour minimal. 


Revlon PhotoReadyTM Color Correcting Primer

Revlon PhotoReadyTM Eye Primer

Revlon ColorStayTM Under Eye Concealer

Revlon ColorStayTM Concealer

Revlon PhotoReadyTM Foundation

Revlon PhotoReadyTM Powder

Revlon Powder Blush

Revlon ColorStayTM Eye Shadow 

Revlon ColorStayTM Eyebrow Liner

Revlon Luxurious Colour Eyeliner

Revlon 3D Volume Mascara

Revlon ColorStayTM Lipliner, colour Nude

Revlon ColorStayTM Ultimate Suede Lipstick, colour Iconic (055)




Janice is an hourglass body shape - her shoulders and hips are about the same width, with a defined, smaller waist measurement.   


 Hour Glass






Janice has dark olive skin all year round. Her hair is naturally brown, as are her eyebrows and eyes. She predominantly suits the Clear and Warm colour palettes. 




A WORD FROM janice



"From the makeover I acquired a new accessory, confidence.



What did I learn from the makeover? I was surprised that I do have a waist after five children, it is all an optical illusion. Buying the right style of clothing to suit my "hourglass" is so important.

Gorgeous colours and not just black for me from now on. I have such a new appreciation for shoes. I have never really been a shoe aficionado but I think I could become one. The makeup exercise was full of lots of good tips, brushes and not fingers, and the wonderful product called primer, covering a multitude of sins! 

I feel like I can shop with confidence now, feeling more confident about what to avoid and what to take a closer look at. I am sure it will make shopping and choices a whole lot easier.

It was a wonderful privilege to be the blessed one to win this makeover. I wish every woman could have this kind of experience. I have always loved the "feminine" but growing up with six brothers and no sisters this has always been a real challenge for me. Lisa and the Gorgeous Me team do such a fantastic job and the makeover was done in a no fuss, efficient, but very personal way. All artists in their own right, the Gorgeous Me team have style and eye."





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