Always Gorgeous




AGE 56
HEIGHT 165cm (5'4")

Top HeavyTop heavy











“I'm excited about my Gorgeous Me makeover…


As I’ve got older I’ve found it harder to find styles that suit me.  I’d also like to gain some self-confidence knowing that I look good”, says Helena.


Helena has two daughters and three grandchildren and adores spending time with them all.  She works full time as an Office Manager for a recruitment company, working with a great bunch of people.


In her spare time, she enjoys renovating her single-bay villa, gardening, travel and tennis. Though, she does admit that painting the exterior of her home by herself was more time consuming and much harder than she thought! Last year, for the first time, she went to Phuket for a holiday and had a whale of a time.  It’s motivated her to focus on an overseas holiday once every couple of years, budget permitting.


If Helena had her time again, she’d have chosen a career in horticulture, finding working outdoors and with nature very therapeutic.  It’s not too late you know Helena.  Start small, you never know where it may lead…


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Helena's shape is top heavy (otherwise known as apple or inverted triangle).  Like most women of this shape, she has stunning legs.  We had to be careful with necklines, making sure they didn't sit too high because of her bigger bust.  But with higher necklines, sometimes wearing a long-line necklace or scarf can help to break the bigger area up, and this is what we did with a number of outfits.


Big Top Half


Helena thought because her upper body was bigger, that she needed baggier clothes.  On the contrary, wearing more fitted clothes can give you a more slimming look. 

Helena's Colours


Going into the makeover, with Helena's lighter coloured features, I would've thought the Light colour palette would've been well suited to her.  And in some cases it was. However, when we tried on bright, clear, crisp colours from the Clear Palette, she came alive; they really complemented her complexion. Helena could see the transformation herself. The best Clear colours were ones with a blue-based, cool undertone. Helena's eyes are a greeny blue.

With colour, the only thing to do is EXPERIMENT.  Try the same style in as many colours as possible.  Helena picked up a gorgeous lace dress in a teal colour, and although the dress looked stunning on, the colour was flat and did nothing for her.


Colours courtesy of Jill Wilkinson.

A word from Helena


"I went into my makeover excited but thinking it was going to be difficult to find pieces to suit my shape.  I was really surprised how much is actually out there, and it wasn't the baggier clothing I would've chosen for myself.  In fact some of the more figure hugging garments looked better on me!


I also learnt to look outside the box when it comes to colour. I was very much a black, white & grey person but found that the colours chosen really gave my complexion a lift. Next time I shop for myself I will definitely be trying on a lot more styles and colours.


The hair and make session was great, a real pampering. The fringe gave me a real lift.  Believe it or not, I'd been trying to grow my fringe out for ages.


I got a lot from this experience, including more confidence. I now have a much better idea of what I can wear.  I also had a great time.


The makeover experience needs to be approached with an open mind; there is nothing to lose and a lot to gain.


Age, size and shape should not be a barrier to feeling good. Make the most of what you have."  

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