Always Gorgeous




AGE 36
HEIGHT 175cm (5'7")

Hourglass Hourglass


Clear & Warm









The New Me


Claire’s thriving with all the change and exciting new things in her life - a fresh start after her marriage ended last year.  Three months ago she started an awesome new job in IT, in a new city.  The new job’s great, lots for her to sink her teeth into, and now that she’s relocated, she’s close to Mum which is a real treat for both.


A Gorgeous Me makeover was the icing on the cake in helping her create her new life.


Claire is mad about mountain biking, whether it’s a friendly ride or competitive racing, including races that last as long as 12 & 24 hours!  In 2010, she competed solo in the 2-day Coast-to-Coast event. Between her and her flatmate, their garage is chocka with mountain bikes!


She’s also super brainy, with a number of tertiary qualifications under her belt: media arts degree, IT degree and more recently a master’s degree on Information Management. Her Masters research topic was on co-production; trying to get Universities, industry and government working together for the good of society in the technology space.


She also enjoys cooking, dancing (of the 1930’s swinger variety), watching movies, sewing, and creating and viewing art.


I’m exhausted just thinking about it all.  Go girl.  Here’s to the gorgeous new you.



Claire's story continues below...






Please note, we have provided full-pricing below, even though a number of items have been generously discounted.





Claire has the hourglass, balanced body shape - her shoulders and hips are about the same in measurement/width and she has a smaller, defined waist.


Hour Glass 



Claire has broad shoulders so we had to watch the width of the shoulders in the styles we chose. A narrow shoulder line only accentuated her broadness.  She generally also finds it hard to get trousers to fit - she has long legs so the trousers are often too short, but also generally tight in the thigh, most probably due to all the mountain biking she does and the muscles she's built up. By trying lots of different styles on, she was delighted to find lots that did suit and fit her well.


Claire has a trim body and yet she's never worn fitted, figure-hugging clothes before. She was stunned at how fab they looked on her.




Claire's Colour Palette


We liken Claire to the actress Nicole Kidman - very light, delicate skin colouring, with red toned-hair and exquisite light, bright blue eyes. Her hair is naturally a dark, antique gold colour.


We tried a whole range of colours on her and the moment we put teals, turquoise, navy, electric blue, iris, beige, browns and rich creams she came to life.  Whites, greys, pinks, yellows and reds left her looking pale and lifeless. 


Claire's dominant colour palette is Clear (crisp, clear, bold colours) with Warm (autumn shades) as a secondary palette.  






These are the same colours that Kiri, our other makeover model, suits as well - but note how different their skin and hair colouring is.




A word from Claire


“I learnt a lot from the shopping part of the makeover, learning what colours and styles suited me, and what didn’t. I was never one to try on lots of different styles or colours, so this was hugely enlightening. Other learnings:

- Knowing how to dress for my shape, and how to accommodate my broad shoulders

- How great I looked in more fitted clothes, and wearing the likes of belts to highlight my waist

- The ideal hem length for me

- How accessories can add so much to an outfit, help to complete the look

- Using makeup to enhance my overall look. I’ve been given a concession when I’m mountain biking!!!


And during my hair appointment, I learnt not to use a brush on my wet hair - it ruins the natural elasticity in my hair.  Instead I’m to use a comb.


My makeover has given me confidence; I feel empowered and can see that I am a strong, intelligent and capable women.”





What do you think of Claire's makeover?  Leave a message for her, give her some encouragement :)




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