Always Gorgeous




AGE 37
HEIGHT 152cm (5')

Top Heavy TOP HEAVY (Apple)


Clear & Warm








Cathy's photos below her story


Cathy's A true inspiration...


"I’m 37 and have been married to Pete for the last 11 years. We have two children, Grace 7 and Elijah 4. 


Seventeen years ago, a week before my 21st birthday, my whole world changed. I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumour causing ‘Cushings Disease’. This caused a lot of physical and emotional damage and ravished my soul of hope.  After meeting my angel (my now hubby) and marrying in 2002, I was told I had another brain tumour, testing our faith and our relationship and pushing our hopes of being parents further into the distance. The second removal of the tumour didn’t cure the disease and to avoid more brain tumours, I had to have both adrenal glands removed. The removal of the glands took away my body's ability to make hormones to keep me alive.  By taking steroids and hormones every day for the rest of my life and after IFV treatment, we now have our son and daughter.  We defied medical opinions and have carried on our life as a family with the motto that "nothing is impossible".  If that wasn't enough, my husband had open heart surgery when Grace was a newborn!


I get up each day with purpose and a sense of delight to be here and experiencing life. I’m at risk still of more brain tumours and the reality of death, but with a great doctor, support from family and friends and regular MRI’s and drugs, I put on my red lippy and get on and enjoy what the day brings.


My goal in life is to give others hope where there has been none and I’m blessed to be running a programme called ENCORE at a local hospital through the YWCA, a free 8-week programme for women that have been affected with breast cancer. I feel living with a chronic illness helps me understand some of the emotional stuff that goes with illness, there is hope in whatever life throws at you.


I have an amazing life but now feel it's my time to shine and put myself out there again. I think if I physically had more confidence it will have a ripple effect on my emotional wellbeing.


Thank you so much for this opportunity, another blessing in this wonderful life." Cathy




A word from Lisa, Gorgeous Me


"I feel privileged that Cathy's and my paths crossed. Cathy is a wonderful, wonderful woman and a true inspiration. She has an amazing zest for life and embraces each day with such enthusiasm.


As a thank you, she left me a beautiful card and a stone with the word 'seek' on it - "seek and ye shall find" - she sought and she found. I will treasure that stone forever as I continue 'seeking' in my journey. Thank you Cathy x"


In 2006, the NZ Woman's Weekly ran a story on Cathy and her hubby Pete. We encourage you to read it.




Cathy's story continues below...






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Cathy’s makeup




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cathy's BODY SHAPE


Cathy is top heavy (apple, inverted triangle). Like most women of this shape, she has stunning legs and needs to do all she can to show them off.  Women of this shape need to visually balance up their bottom half with their top half.


Big Top Half 






Cathy has gorgeous olive skin colouring and responds so well to bright, bold, crisp clear colours - Clear colour palette. She looked stunning in them. And because her skin has warm undertones, she also suits colours from the Warm palette.  We were lucky to have so much wonderful colour to play around with in the shops.









"What a truly amazing day I had with Lisa and her team for my makeover, from the hair and makeup team to the photographer and to Lisa’s family for giving us her attention and energy for the day. I cannot express in words what she has done for my emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Lisa is a master at her craft and every woman deserves to be around this gorgeous woman. Thank you, thank you, thank you... You have inspired, empowered and made me feel feminine again." xoxoxo  Cathy  


What Cathy learnt from the makeover experience:


- more certainty around what colours suit her

- what clothes styles suit her shape

- tips like rolling up (or pushing up) sleeves of jackets to give her a slimmer, taller look

- long pendant necklaces to help lengthen the appearance of her torso and also to help

  reduce the appearance of her bigger chest area.  V-neck tops/dresses do this as well.

- wearing tapered pants to show off her asset, her great legs.





Feel free to leave a message for Cathy, she'd love to hear from you :) 

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