Always Gorgeous




AGE 44
HEIGHT 170cm (5'6")

Bottom Heavy Bottom heavy (pear)


Clear & Cool











Bern's photos are below her story




Hi, I'm Bern... 


I'm a keen runner for fitness and run 4-5 times a week with a group of four friends. We start at 6am during the working week and from different locations around our neighbourhood. We enjoy running at this time because it doesn't interrupt any other family members.  It's a great way to start the day. I love being fit and active.


I completed a marathon in March 2012 in New Plymouth (4 hours, 19 mins) which was a huge achievement for me. This was a goal I set for myself so I was very proud when I achieved it.  I have also completed about four half marathons including running one with my two sisters in Sydney in May of 2012.  I only started running when my husband John encouraged me when we first met, I was 20.


I have three amazing boys, Sam (17), James (15) and Dillon (13).  They are all sporty and play football, cricket, indoor cricket. My husband John and I spend a lot of our time watching their various sports. We hardly miss a game and it's a great way to fill our weekends. A lot of our summer is spent on the sidelines of cricket games as all three boys play cricket.


My husband works shift-work so this enables us to pack a lot into our daily lives. I enjoy going out to lunch with him while the boys are at school. This is a great way for us to catch up and enjoy each other's company.


I have a gorgeous dog called Pippa (after Pippa Middleton), a poochon (cross between a bichon frise and a miniature poodle). It's great to have another female in the house and this was definitely part of the criteria when we chose her just over a year ago.


My parents live locally so I'm lucky I can see them whenever I want. I love spending time with my sisters who both live in Sydney. I try to visit them by myself as a treat once a year. We always go shopping and have a fantastic time together.


We have extremely busy weekends and that is one of the reasons that I entered the competition. I don't have a lot of time to shop for myself and I have always wanted to know what clothing suits my body shape. I am a great bargain shopper and the Salvation Army shop is a favourite. I enjoy recycling my old unwanted clothes also. I'm inclined to buy clothes on sale as opposed to what I need.  I love shopping and clothes so I know I will learn a lot from this amazing experience and I think at 44 years old this is a perfect age to have a makeover!"




Bern's makeover story continues below...






Please note, we have provided full-pricing below, even though a number of items have been generously discounted.


  • Left, clockwise: lunch with hubby; family holiday last year in Anaura Bay, East Cape NZ; family dinns on the deck at home, holidaying in Gisborne last year.

  • Bern's sisters both live in Sydney.  She tries to see them once a year for a girly catch up and shopping.

  • At the finish line of last year's marathon in New Plymouth with Mum & Dad & the family as supporters.

  • Sprint training with the girls (Bern's centre)

  • Before

  • Before - the morning of Bern's makeover

  • Before - the morning of Bern's makeover

  • Bern gets her hair styled at Kristina Raffaele.


    Bern's hair colouring suited her and so did the length, but the thickness and volume was giving her a triangular shape, sitting close to the head at the top and fanning out at the ends.  


    We wanted to give her a more modern look - a more defined fringe, cutting a lot of the volume from underneath to ensure it sat well, and lightly feathering the bottom.  We chose a deep, very dark brown, bordering on black colour.

  • Makeup by Kristina Raffaele.  You can start to see her look taking shape.

  • Before & after

  • Before & after

  • New hair style

  • Bern with Cathy, the other makeover winner.

  • EziBuy - Together Shoulder Detail T-shirt, Orange - $59.99

    Jacqui E - 7/8 Sateen Pant - AUD $79.95, NZD $89.99

    Mi Piaci - Obi, Glitter Fino Salmon - $240


  • Decjuba - Lucille Love Affair - AUD $129.95, NZD $160

    Decjuba - Seamless Cami Dress - AUD $39.95, NZD $50

    Decjuba - Makah Necklace, black/gunmetal - AUD $39.95, NZD $55

    Max - Dressy Leggings - $39

    Shoe Connection - Lillypad - $59.99

  • From the back

  • Max - Tuck front drape dress, graphite - $179

    The Warehouse - Dotti Multi Chain Necklace - $25 (store only)

    Max - Dressy Leggings - $39

    Mi Piaci - Obi, Glitter Fino Salmon - $240


  • Decjuba - Structured Sophia Dress - AUD $149.95, NZD $185

    Decjuba - Mona Beaded Necklace, citrus, stone & black (we merged the three separate necklaces together)- AUD $19.95, NZD $28

    Mi Piaci - Devine, Mango - $240

  • Max - Asymetric Ruffle Dress - $149 (store only)

    EziBuy - Round Crystal Bracelet, smoke - $55

    EziBuy - Rectangle Necklace, Silver - $39 (store only)

    Mi Piaci - Danger, Purple Suede - $250


  • Max - Cross Print Tunic - $99

    Max - New Essential Slip, Nude - $39

    Decjuba - Omaha Necklace - AUD $49.95, NZD $70

    Max - Dressy Leggings - $39

    Mi Piaci - Annetta, Orange - $250


  • Decjuba - Opening Night Dress (silk) - AUD $159.95, NZD $223


  • Max - Floral Shirred Hem Top - $79 (store only)

    Jacqui E - Rectangular Stretch Bracelet - NZD $29.99 (store only)

    Decjuba - Jeanette Bengaline Pant, Off-White - AUD $129.95, NZD $160

    Mi Piaci - Mila, Orange - $220


  • Max - Print Bomber Jacket - $129 (store only)

    Max - Shimmer Cowl Tee, Mink - $59

    Max - Cuffed Dressy Pant - $99 (store only)

    Mi Piaci - Mila, Taupe - $220


    This outfit would also look fabulous with a heeled or flat sandal, and the jacket & tee with jeans.

  • Jacqui E - Denim Jacket, Mid-Wash - AUD $129.95, NZD $139.99

    The Warehouse - Mambo Fade Out Dress Carnival - $39

    Mi Piaci - Annetta, Orange - $250

  • Jacqui E - Denim Jacket, Mid-Wash - AUD $129.95, NZD $139.99

    Jacqui E - Aubrey Pleat Maxi Dress, Eclipse (belt included) - AUD $149.95, NZD $159.99

    Jacqui E - Double Link Chain Bracelet - NZD $19.99 (store only)

    Shoe Connection - Django & Juliette Palermo, Nude - $199.99


  • Jacqui E - Denim Jacket, Mid-Wash - AUD $129.95, NZD $139.99

    EziBuy - Urban Lace Top, Sand - $49.99

    The Warehouse - Rib Tank Top - $8

    Max - Coated Jean, Black Cherry - $99 (store only)

    Overland Footwear - Abrianna Ankle - NZD $239.90

    Merchant 1948 - Abrianna Ankle - AUD $179.90

  • Jacqui E - Chambray Shirt Dress - AUD $129.95, NZD $139.99

    Overland Footwear - Paytin Ankle Boot - NZD $209.90

    Merchant 1948 - Paytin Ankle Boot - AUD $159.90


  • Max - Metallic Tuck Blazer - $159 (store only)

    Max - Dip Hem Tank Dress - $99 (store only)

    Max - Geometric Necklace - $39 (store only)

    Max - Dressy Leggings - $39

    Mi Piaci - Devine, Mango - $240


  • This is the same outfit as above, just a change of shoes - we couldn't resist :)


    Max - Metallic Tuck Blazer - $159 (store only)

    Max - Dip Hem Tank Dress - $99 (store only)

    Max - Geometric Necklace - $39 (store only)

    Max - Dressy Leggings - $39

    Overland Footwear - Iso Shoe - NZD $209.90

    Merchant 1948 - Iso Shoe -  AUD $159.90

  • Specsavers - Osiris B39 - $369

Bern’s makeup




Revlon PhotoReadyTM Color Correcting Primer

Revlon PhotoReadyTM Eye Primer

Revlon ColorStayTM Under Eye Concealer

Revlon ColorStayTM Concealer

Revlon PhotoReadyTM Foundation

Revlon PhotoReadyTM Powder

Revlon Powder Blush

Revlon  ColorStayTM 16-Hour Eye Shadow Ombre

Revlon ColorStayTM Eyebrow Liner

Revlon Luxurious Colour Eyeliner

Revlon 3D Volume Mascara

Smashbox Lipstick, colour Legendary






Bottom Bigger No Text


Bern is bottom heavy (pear, triangle shape) - her top half is a size 10 and depending on the cut of the trousers, she's either a 12 or 14.  Bern was buying clothes that were far too big for her, to accommodate her hips, and she wasn't showing off her fabulous figure at all. She would mostly wear trousers and tops, rarely a dress or skirt.


If you're this shape, you need to make sure that appearance wise, you balance your smaller top half with your bigger bottom half and focus your styling attention on your top half.  But, we had Bern in light-coloured & patterned figure-hugging trousers and she looked great. Give it a go, have a play.






The moment we put clear, crisp, bold colours on Bern she came to life. You can see this in the examples above. This is her primary colour palette. Her skin has pinky undertones so she also suits colours from the cool palette.


                Clear                        Cool

Clear & Cool


and how does bern feel?


"The makeover experience has made me feel like a new woman. It's been life changing!"


"The whole experience took me out of my comfort zone completely as I am not used to having a lot of attention put on myself for such a long period of time. Lisa and her whole team were just amazing and I thank them all so much for everything they did for me.  


It was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. I enjoyed every minute and have relived the day over and over in my head a lot since the actual makeover day.


I learnt that wearing the right style of clothes for your shape and the correct size is so important, and that shoes really do complete an outfit, colours and textures of shoes make your outfit look extra special. I wore clothes in the photo shoot that I would never have picked out for myself and ended up loving them. 


One of the most important things I learnt is that being kind and taking time out for yourself is one of the hardest things to do, especially when you are a busy mother and wife.  Even though it was only one day of being pampered and being made to feel like a gorgeous woman, I know this whole experience really has been quite life changing.  I really want to push myself out of my comfort zone a lot more and am really keen to set some new goals and challenges for myself personally. Having three happy, healthy, caring and active teenage boys is one of my greatest achievements.


I feel extremely privileged to have been given this opportunity and am very grateful!  Everything about the makeover experience for me was positive and made me feel simply "gorgeous". I love my change in hair style and colour and have booked to return to the salon for my next haircut. A wonderful, wonderful day."





What do you think of Bern's makeover?  She'd love to hear from you and so would we :)

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