Always Gorgeous




AGE 39
HEIGHT 158cm (5'2")

Bottom Heavy Bottom Heavy (pear)


Deep & Clear








Belinda's photos are below her story



Adventure girl gets a makeover


Sixteen years ago, Belinda traded city life for country life and hasn’t looked back. Even the daily three-hour return trip by train into the city for work doesn’t phase her, rising at 5.15am each day - quite the opposite in fact. There’s a real community of regular travelers where some great friendships and romances have formed - it’s where she met hubby! 


Belinda and her hubby are keen Off-Road enthusiasts and own a couple of 4WD off-road vehicles that they use in club rallies (see photos below). It’s not unusual for Belinda to be the only woman at the events. Belinda’s the co-driver and it’s a full-on muddy affair and not for the faint-hearted - the rugged terrain often means you’re tipped, flipped and rolled this way and that, sometimes ending upside down in water!!


Yearly overseas travel is a major focus, and already she’s seen and done amazing things including the Grand Canyon, house boating on the Murray River, Las Vegas and Disneyland. Visiting local zoos in each country is always a priority; she’s got a list of zoos she wants to work her way through.


When Belinda lived in the city, she dressed the part - social, work, party - but moving to the country, what you wear is less important; it’s about being practical. But as time has moved on, she hasn’t made the effort and now feels a little stuck. “I want to dress up when I go out, and for work. I’m in a client facing role in a dental practice, meeting and greeting people all the time - for me, it’s important how I look.”


“When I lived in the city, I think I was happier on the outside because of the way I looked, but now, living in the country, surrounded by some of my family, friends and the things I love, I am happier on the inside. I’d like to get more of a balance. I want to feel good in what I wear, even though hubby says he loves me just the way I am.”




Belinda's makeover story continues below...






Please note, we have provided full-pricing below, even though a number of items have been generously discounted.


  • Belinda before - her entry for the competition.

  • Travel is high on Belinda's list of priorities. Who doesn't want a hug with Pluto (Disneyland). Right, Hover Dam, on the way to the Grand Canyon.

  • Top, clockwise: one of her club drives - they get to tour private farms, such a neat experience; at the park with her niece & nephew; on her wedding day with Dad & flowergirl

  • Belinda titled one of her photos "a couple who plays together, stays together". So true. Her and hubby are off-road enthusiasts and own a couple of 4WD off-road vehicles. Belinda's the co-driver. She blames the driver for these mishaps, nothing to do with her navigation!

  • Belinda titled this photo "when I make the effort"  :)

  • Before - the morning of Belinda's makeover

  • Before - the morning of Belinda's makeover

  • Krissy, Kristina Raffele, recommended 'lifting' and shaping Belinda's hair to show off her gorgeous face. Her current style was 'in between' which equals nothing. Krissy chose a fabulous mahogany colour with lighter, chunky highlights.


  • Hair & makeup at Kristina Raffaele


    It won't hurt a bit having your eyebrows shaped!!  Eyebrow shaping can be as good as a facelift!

  • Hair and makeup by Kristina Raffaele


    This is a hair style that is really easy for Belinda to manage herself - even with helmet hair at the end of one of her off-road adventures!

  • Ta dah...

  • With Judy, our other Gorgeous Me model

  • At the photo shoot.

  • Before & after

  • Before & after

  • EziBuy - Heine Print Dress - $149

    EziBuy - Beaded Bracelet - $24.99

    Overland Footwear - Iso, brown - NZD $209.90

    Merchant 1948 - Iso, brown - AUD $159.90

  • EziBuy - Grace Hill Border Print Dress - $119.99

    EziBuy - Round Crystal Bracelet, smoke - $55

    EziBuy - Next Clutch Purse, silver - $30 (store only)

    Mi Piaci - Damsell, black/gold - NZD $240


    We have chosen an evening look for this dress, but it will look equally fabulous as a day dress.

  • Decjuba - Talita Dress - NZD $195, AUD $139.95

    The Warehouse - Zambesi Segment bracelet (we used two) - $18ea (store only)

    Mi Piaci - Angelica, tan - NZD $260


    This dress is very versatile - for casual with casual sandals (flats, wedges or heels) & accessories. Wear it with the likes of a denim jacket when it's cooler. The lace neckline makes it great for evening wear with evening shoes and jewellery. It doesn't need much in the way of jewellery because of the lace.


    If the length is too long, tie a knot on one side, about knee height for another fab look. Or if ever you get sick of it being long, cut it to another length.

  • Decjuba - Seram Dress, colbalt - NZD $180, AUD $129.95

    Decjuba - Rock Necklace, flamingo - NZD $100, AUD $79.95


    You could wear a belt with this dress, and/or leggings.

  • Max - Spring Denim Jacket, Indigo - $119

    Max - Cross Burnout Oversize Tee - $69 (store only)

    Max - Tribal Spike necklace - $39 (store only)

    Max - Straight Leg Jean, Dark Blue - $79

    Mi Piaci - Genisis, grey - NZD $270

  • The Warehouse - Tee, star print - $15

    The Warehouse - Camo Army Jacket - $45

    Decjuba - Wisteria Cargo pant - NZD $165, AUD $119.95

    Mi Piaci - Genisis, black - NZD $270

  • The Warehouse - Tee, skull print - $15

    Max - Snake bangle set - $29 (store only)

    Decjuba - Wisteria Cargo pant - NZD $165, AUD $119.95

    Decjuba - Kali Sandal, pewter - NZD $98, AUD $69.95


  • This jacket is actually fluro pink! Unfortunately the intensity of colour did not hold during photography.


    Decjuba - ‘Let’s be frank’ jacket - NZD $180, AUD $129.95

    Decjuba - ‘Eve’s Den’ Tank - NZD $, AUD $69.95

    The Warehouse - Mesh Knot Necklace - $20 (store only)

    Decjuba - ‘Wake up’ pant - NZD $155, AUD $109.95

    Mi Piaci - Genisis, black - NZD $270

  • Max - Drawstring Drape Jacket - $139

    Max - Assymetric Hem Dress, Cactus Print - $159 (store only)

    Max - Chain Disc Pendant - $39 (store only)

    Max - Dressy Leggings - $39

    Mi Piaci - Ribbon, gold - NZD $250

  • Max - Drawstring Drape Jacket - $139

    Decjuba - ‘Try your luck’ singlet, orange Arztec - NZD $70, AUD $49.95

    Decjuba - Mona Beaded Necklace, black - NZD $28, AUD $19.95

    Decjuba - ‘Wake up’ pant - NZD $155, AUD $109.95

    Mi Piaci - Devine, mango - NZD $240

  • Jacqui E - ¾ sleeve sateen jacket, black - NZD $99.99, AUD $99.95

    Decjuba - Rock Necklace, black - NZD $100, AUD $79.95

    Jacqui E - Print Layered Dress - NZD $159.99, AUD $149.95

    Overland Footwear - Bambie, Purple Suede - NZD $209.90

    Merchant 1948 - Bambie, Purple Suede - AUD $159.90

  • This dress can be worn several ways:

    - tied in the front or at the back - giving a slimmer line

    - not tied

    - worn with leggings


    Jacqui E - ¾ sleeve sateen jacket, black - NZD $99.99, AUD $99.95

    Decjuba - Rock Necklace, black - NZD $100, AUD $79.95

    Jacqui E - Print Layered Dress - NZD $159.99, AUD $149.95

    Overland Footwear - Bambie, Purple Suede - NZD $209.90

    Merchant 1948 - Bambie, Purple Suede - AUD $159.90

  • Jacqui E - Scarf Print Dress - NZD $159.99, AUD $149.95

    The Warehouse - Silver bangle set (we used two sets) - $8 (store only)

    Mi Piaci - Lovely, orange suede - NZD $260


    Dresses or skirts with side panels are wonderful - the eye focuses on the middle panel, not the outer - instantly shaving inches off your body!


    This lovely dress can be worn with a short blazer, like the Jacqui E one we showed earlier, or with a crop cardi.


    We encourage you to team it with colourful shoes.

  • An unexpected little visitor - my cat Georgie!

  • "I can do this - where's my bling?" My cat Georgie!

  • Imagine 20 pairs of delicious shoes, not to mention all the other great accessories! Heaven :)

  • Belinda with Judy, our other makeover model

Belinda's makeup




Revlon PhotoReadyTM Color Correcting Primer

Revlon PhotoReadyTM Eye Primer

Revlon ColorStayTM Under Eye Concealer

Revlon ColorStayTM Concealer

Revlon PhotoReadyTM Foundation

Revlon PhotoReadyTM Powder

Revlon Powder Blush

Revlon ColorStayTM Eye Shadow - a mix of Decadent (505) & Siren (525)

Revlon ColorStayTM Eyebrow Liner

Revlon Luxurious Colour Eyeliner

Revlon 3D Volume Mascara

Revlon ColorStayTM Lipliner, colour Rose

Revlon ColorStayTM Ultimate Suede Lipstick, colour Socialite (025)





Belinda is borderline bottom-heavy (pear/triangle) shape, meaning her hips are slightly wider than her shoulders. She could also be profiled as an hourglass. From what we have seen with Belinda's before photos, and from what she has told us, Belinda has been wearing clothes that are bigger than they need to be, not very flattering at all. She has a great figure and would do well to wear clothes that show it off.


Bottom Bigger 





Belinda has dark hair & eyebrows and brown eyes. Her skin is a soft pale colour but colours up over summer. She suits the Deep palette, and some colours from the Clear palette - bold, strong, crisp colours.


               DEEP                 CLEAR

Deep & Clear



A WORD FROM belinda


"My makeover has given me a refreshed way to look at myself. Thank you Gorgeous Me team!


For most of us it's not going to be a complete makeover all at once, mainly because of cost, but also because we may find it all too overwhelming. Start with something small like your nails, a few new tops, then a good haircut and build from there, but don't give up, it will all come together.


My biggest learning from the makeover experience was that no one can make the effort for 'me', I have to do that myself. I also learnt that good eyebrow shaping can make a big difference to the shape of your face - an instant facelift!


I love the fact that today I got up and 'wanted' to do my hair, I dug out my bangles and necklaces and arranged them in colours, and actually had a hard time trying to think what to wear. It all shows I am now thinking 'YES' I can do this and I will.  E is for Effort! 





Screen Shot 2013-10-08 At 8.53.53 AM


Check out our video of Judy's makeover 




What do you think of Belinda's makeover?  Leave a message for her, give her some encouragement :) 

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