Always Gorgeous




AGE 42
HEIGHT 172cm (5'8")

Hourglass Hourglass


Clear & Deep









Moving on from the 80’s


There’s no doubting the 80’s was a fab era but some of us just need to learn to let go!  Barb’s had the same hairstyle since college days.  She’s always loved having long hair but admits since having children she doesn’t have the time to look after it like she used to.


Why a Gorgeous Me makeover? Being a full-time Mum of two (1 & 4 years), Barb says she’s forgotten to take care of herself.


The moment you meet Barb you warm to her gorgeous, bubbly personality.  She had us all in stitches for the duration of the makeover.


What’s wonderful about Barb is that she has no regrets in life; she loves life and that’s the way it should be.  Her family of two girls and hubby are central to this.


Her focus now is to lose some of the 10kgs she accumulated having her two girls. “When I’m out running I'm imagining the kilos dropping off behind me, but I run so slowly, they always seem to catch me up before I get back to the house!”


Her greatest achievement (children aside) was having a freehold home by the age of 31.  She achieved this on her own through sheer determination and working tirelessly at three jobs.  Her next goal was to be a millionaire and retired by the age of 40.  That didn’t quite pan out, due to the children coming along, and her focus is now on saving enough money to get her family to Disneyland!



Barb's story continues below...






Body shape

Barb is the hourglass body shape. Her shoulders and hips are roughly the same width, and her waist is smaller than both. 


Hour Glass

Barb's Colour Palette


With Barb's hair and eyes being dark but her eyes a lovely blue, she really suits the Clear palette - clear, crisp, bold colours (left below).  We could see this when we tried on colours like colbalt blue, purple, orange and emerald green, she came alive.  But having darker features, also means she can wear colours from the Deep palette (right).


Deep & Clear

Colours courtesy of Jill Wilkinson.


A poem from Barb to capture her Gorgeous Me makeover experience


My 'Gorgeous Me' experience

Felt like finding a four leaf clover,

Two days of princess pampering,

Then heartbreak that it was over!


I seriously doubted my enjoyment level,

But thought I'd give it a whirl,

The shopping, the hair and the makeup,

Nearly turned me 'girly-girl'!


This experience was a timely reminder,

That my wardrobe needn't be so glum,

It's not always about trackpants and hoodies,

Just because I'm a stay home mum!


I learnt that fashion today has no rules,

At least, not like Gran used to preach,

You can wear blue with black or stripes with spots,

But still NO baby oil at the beach!


I always thought my long curly hair was fab,

I mean, there's 30 years of proof!

I never dreamed of cuttng it off,

Thought it would be cold without my roof!


But I've finally moved with the times,

The change is WELL overdue,

And not only do I love the colour,

I'm saving money on shampoo!


To all my friends who warned me,

You'll be pleased that I now agree,

That rocking the 80's in your 80's,

Was just not meant to be!


So thanks to everybody involved,

For the vision you could see,

But most of all to Lisa,

For helping me find the 'Gorgeous Me"!


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