Gorgeous Me is a self-help, do-it-yourself, personal makeover guide.  We will provide you with loads of information so you can work through your own personal makeover.

1. You can start by reading all about styling, colours, wardrobe makeover and dos and don'ts here – Style & Colours – steps 1-6. Don't worry if it all seems daunting, we'll guide you through - see point 2 below.

2. Each week, we will be going through these six steps in a lot more detail so watch out for our weekly makeover lessons – Your Journey to Gorgeousness - Blogs

3. Every month we will be adding makeovers to our site, demonstrating the latest in-season clothes and accessories. This will start to give you a feel for what's possible. We will also provide you with information about where you can buy the clothes and accessories the models are wearing, including buying direct online.

4. We will provide loads of information, tips and advice through our weekly blogs.

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6. Ask & Share – ask our panel of experts any questions you may have regarding your personal makeover. Also share your ideas with other members and support and encourage them in their journey to gorgeousness.

7. Directory – check out our fabulous list of retailers and brands.

8. Be sure to give us your feedback – Contact Us.  

Above all, experiment and have fun x

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