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You’re making yourself look bigger

You’re making yourself look bigger

To all those women out there that wear clothes that are bigger and/or longer than they need to be, you’re not doing yourselves any favours. You think you can hide behind your clothing, that people can’t see your real shape or size?  It’s not working, all it’s doing is making you look bigger than you are.



Big bust?


Take a big-busted woman, for example.  If you wear a large top that isn’t fitted, your top will fall from your bust, giving the appearance that you also have a large stomach. A woman I know had a breast reduction and I couldn’t believe how much overall weight she’d lost, but it wasn’t that at all, her large breasts and the clothing she wore only gave the appearance that she was big!


Tunic tops are very popular but they tend to be shapeless and big. Try wearing one with a belt, either one that sits at the waist or hip.


V-neck wrap tops and dresses are great 


1)     the v-neck helps to break up the larger chest area

2)     they accentuate the rest of your lovely figure

3)     they often have some gathering or rusching at the stomach

        area that hides lumps and bumps.




TS 14+ - Ditzy Garden Dress - AUD $89.95, NZD $109.95



Big bottom or thighs?


Do you wear long tops to hide it?  If you’re pear shaped (triangle, bigger bottom half than top), then wear a top that finishes at your slimmest point, not your widest.  By finishing your hemline at the widest point, all your doing is accentuating the width.  Wear a dark colour and plain style on your bigger area, minimising the appearance of it.





Remember, one size does not fit all. Know your body, what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to try new things out, but also remember these key tips, which will ensure you find the most flattering styles for your body shape. 





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