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Your Journey to Gorgeousness - Lesson 5

Your Journey to Gorgeousness - Lesson 5

We talk about clothes and styles that suit particular body shapes, or colours that complement or enhance our skin tones, but the remaining key factor is a little something called ‘style personality’. 


There is no point wearing a tailored jacket that might suit your body shape and be fantastic colour-wise, if it doesn’t fit with who you are as person.


We are all different.  Wouldn’t it be boring if everyone looked the same?



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Iris Apfel, 91, interior designer and fashion icon, is a huge personality and expresses it through her dramatic styling, including her signature glasses.  Gotta love her.   Image courtesy of New York Times.



Here we have captured some of the key style personalities:




  • Comfort, practicality and ease are important to you
  • You're likely to wear comfortable fabrics, like stretch knits
  • You're a no fuss person
  • Your make-up is likely to be minimal, if you wear any at all
  • You're generally not a fashion follower
  • Your work and casual wear might be similar or the same.







  • A more traditional, refined, elegant style - timeless is key
  • You prefer a more classic, simple, straight, structured, coordinated look - tailored suits, jackets and trousers
  • You'll tend to have a limited colour palette in your wardrobe, e.g. black, white, cream, navy
  • Fabrics will tend to be plain, solid colours, not patterned or heavily textured
  • Accessories will tend to be simple, classic and traditional
  • You buy quality, looking for clothing and accessories that will last - investment buying.






  • You dress to enhance and enjoy your femininity - dresses, make-up, hair, nails, accessories, shoes, etc.
  • You may be attracted to pretty things - soft, drapey fabrics, velvet, frills, bows, lace, floral patterns, soft colours, etc.
  • Or you may prefer going for clean, figure-hugging/flattering lines that accentuate your womanly shape
  • You enjoy wearing heels
  • Practicality may not be a key consideration.






  • You're a trend-setter - you wear fashion well before it hits mainstream
  • Your style is influenced by celebrity fashion, fashion magazines and fashion designers
  • You're confident
  • Your appearance is really important to you
  • You always have the latest clothing and accessories
  • You're unlikely to wear an item of clothing that's two season's old, unless you refresh the look
  • You spend more on clothes and accessories than others.


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  • You're an individual
  • Confident
  • You like to express yourself through your clothing and accessories
  • You're a non-conformist
  • You may be attracted to bold, asymmetrical designs, cuts, patterns and/or colours
  • Your hair and make-up will generally follow your clothes styling - bold and different
  • More creative types will tend to mix different colours, styles, patterns and textures together to create a unique, eclectic look, including mixing vintage clothing with new. You like to have fun with your clothes
  • You're not afraid to experiment.


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  • Sleek, simple shapes and patterns in a monochrome, toned-down palette
  • Black is your best friend but your wardrobe may also include white, cream, browns and greys - sophisticated, subdued colours
  • Classic, simple style with a twist
  • You keep your accessories and your whole look to a minimum.


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There are 6 key factors that determine our style choices:


1. PERSONALITY - we might be quiet and reserved or outgoing and bubbly. Structured, natural, free flowing or creative.  A reserved person, for example, may choose clothing that has them ‘fitting in’ rather than ‘standing out’.  A creative, outgoing person is likely to choose bolder looks that reflect their personality.


2. CONFIDENCE - being more confident may mean you wear clothes/styles that are more out there, more individual.


3. INDIVIDUALITY - which is really a combination of the two above - if we like being an individual, we will steer clear of styles that other people wear, opting for a unique look.


4. YOUR JOB - a corporate worker, teacher, artist, fitness instructor and gardener are likely to wear completely different clothes and styles.  And what we wear on a day-to-day basis at work can often follow through to the way we dress overall, though not necessarily.


5. MOOD - if you’re feeling glum, you’re unlikely to wear something bright and cheerful, unless of course you’re determined to break your current mood.  This is more of a day-to-day thing, but if you’re not in the right frame of mind or stuck in a rut, then this can attract you to certain styles over others.


6. AGE & STAGE OF LIFE - young and new to the workforce, you may be out to impress and ‘fit in’. You may be having a family or developing your career . All these things, plus ageing, can sway us one way or another.  When I was younger, I was much more in the creative, dramatic camp. I had a dream of being a fashion designer.  Age, increased confidence and my job, have all helped shape my new style - minimalist and feminine/romantic.




Style personalities are not about boxing us in, they just help guide us and give us an appreciation of why some people lean towards certain styles of dressing over others.  And many of us cross over a number of styles.



What is your dominant style personality?





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