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Your journey to gorgeousness - Lesson 1

Your journey to gorgeousness - Lesson 1

Are you ready for a change? For some of you this will be as simple as a few ideas to give you a boost. Others may want a complete overhaul, an entirely new look, or maybe you're somewhere in between.


While we know that some of you are already confident, and that with just a few new ideas you'll be on your merry way, we also know there are some of you that are not at all confident and couldn't imagine where to begin - let us help.


Each week, we'll introduce ideas and suggestions to help guide you through a personal makeover - right from the very beginning. A key part of this will be demonstrations, through makeovers of everyday women like us, wearing in-season clothing and accessories from your favourite brands. We will also give you the opportunity to buy what you see profiled on Gorgeous Me directly from the brands themselves.


There's already tonnes of information on the site under Style & Colours - check it out.


Let's begin.


Lesson 1 - the Foundations


You wouldn't build a house without solid foundations, would you? Well, your personal makeover is no different. It all starts with the right attitude - a positive attitude - about yourself and the direction you're headed.


What does it mean to be gorgeous? It's about the whole of a person - their appearance as well as who they are - their nature, enthusiasm, energy, zest for life, kindness and generosity towards others etc. This is what makes you attractive to people. Start with assessing everything about yourself - your body, your personality and your wonderfulness. Assess yourself as another person would. Here's an example:


 How I Feel About Myself _Table 1_Big Font


Taking the 'what's not great' column (on the right), are there any things you can shift to the 'what's okay' column? Be really honest with yourself.


I Love My Body _Table1


Show your partner, family and/or close friends your list. Do they think you're being realistic or do you need to pull your head in? We are always hardest on ourselves, so it pays to get an outside opinion.


What we often perceive to be a problem, is only a problem in our own minds. Take my friend for example. She has a big hang up about her knees, when in fact there is nothing wrong with them! Sharing your perceived problems with others close to you may help you appreciate that you have nothing to worry about at all.


Now, put your list somewhere readily accessible and visible to you, but hidden from others. The inside of your wardrobe door is a handy place. Be sure to date your list so when you've finished your journey you can reflect on how far you've come in your attitude towards yourself.


From now on you need to focus on the great things about yourself (the left column) - be thankful and appreciative of them. At the same time, you need to do what you can to move more things from the middle and right columns to the left. It's not that these things will necessarily change, but it's your attitude towards them - how you feel about them. For example, if you've got small boobs, unless you have plastic surgery or you put on weight, they're always going to be small. Instead of being disappointed, you need to focus on what's great about them - they're not heavy, they can make you look slim, you can enhance them with a padded bra or the type of clothes you wear, they don't sag after having children etc. You need to work with what you've got and be comforted that there are lots of things you can do to play down, minimise or disguise problem areas.  We'll cover this in the next lesson or you can skip straight to it - Body Shapes.


Feeling positive about yourself and the direction you're headed in is the first important step in a successful makeover.


Love Myself 





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