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Why Gorgeous? Some women, like myself, will never be gorgeous!

Why Gorgeous? Some women, like myself, will never be gorgeous!

Yes, gorgeous is about someone or something that is beautiful and very attractive.  But to Gorgeous Me it’s much more, it’s about the ‘whole, not the part’.


Take a stunning looking woman - beautiful features, immaculately dressed - on the outside she’s perfect, the complete package.


Take another women who is more average in her features and style. This woman is kind, caring, thoughtful and generous. This woman knows what she’s about, she’s confident and embraces opportunities that come her way.


Both of these women are gorgeous to us - one has more outer beauty, the other has more inner beauty.


The comments after each of the makeovers reflect this, people saying “you have always been gorgeous”. Your outer appearance is only a part of being gorgeous.


That’s why Gorgeous Me encourages us all to look more deeply within, to think about our attitude towards ourselves and others, to find what makes us tick, to set ourselves goals etc.



Be gorgeous in every way.


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