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Undercover Gorgeous

Undercover Gorgeous

Continuing with our theme on the importance of having your under garments fitting and supporting you well, we put a few questions to the experts at Bendon.


AND… loving what Gorgeous Me does helping women look and feel fab, Bendon very generously offered us not one, but three sets of Bendon lingerie from any of their collections, with the exception of Stella McCartney. Check it out below.




We asked Bendon a few questions



Why is being fitted for a bra so important?

It’s essential. You wouldn’t by new heels without trying them on first so you should never risk purchasing an ill-fitting bra. Wearing the wrong size can be uncomfortable, cause back and neck pain and worse, damage the delicate breast tissue, even causing stretch marks!


Bendon has perfected a free quick and easy bra fitting technique that can take less than five minutes and you can stay fully dressed – available in all Bendon Lingerie stores.


Larger busted women need to ensure the bra they select provides adequate support and shape. Refer below for some recommendation on brands and styles.




What are the signs you’re wearing the wrong sized bra?


1.  Are you getting a sore back, neck or shoulders? This can be due to poor bra support and the fact that you’re wearing the incorrect size!

2.  Is your bra riding up at the back? You may be wearing a bra that’s too big around the back, the centre of your bra should sit flat.

3.  Do the straps dig in or leave red marks on your skin? Your bra is not supporting you correctly.

4.  Are you bulging out of the cup or have a 'double-boob’ effect? This is a sign your cup size is too small.

5.  Is the cup wrinkled, baggy or sitting away from the skin? This is a sign your cup size is too big.


It’s important to be fitted professionally, and Bendon boutiques offer a free bra fitting service by experts in their field – all while fully clothed so it’s not scary at all.



What are the best bras for women with a big bust?


Here are some of the best bras from our collection. They are all good choices to fit bigger sizes, all have strong support and look great. With these beautiful styles, there is no need to wear 'nana bras’ anymore!


Gorgeous Me Bendon Lingerie #1 

Bendon Fayreform Francesca Bra $79.95 (up to J cup), Briefs $34.95



Gorgeous Me Bendon Lingerie #4


Bendon FayreformVirtual Dream Bra $79.95 (up to J cup)



Gorgeous Me Bendon Lingerie 


Bendon Fayreform Sweet Anelise Bra $59.95 (up to H cup), Briefs $29.95

Also available in rose pink and briefs.



Bendon Evollove also offer beautiful styles starting at a D cup.  


Gorgeous Me Bendon Lingerie #3

Bendon Evollove Beauty Blaze Underwire Bra $59.95, Briefs $29.95


Please note, new styles are arriving all the time.




Why choose an underwire bra?

The benefits of an underwire are that they offer more support and better shape.



How do I avoid the back and under arm bulge? 


We all have some degree of under arm/back bulge, you are putting a firm bra on to soft tissue. As we age or carry more weight this will be more noticeable. Some women choose to wear a bigger back size to try to eliminate the bulge, this is not a good idea as the bra will be too loose and ride up your back, losing support and shape. We recommend you try bras that have a wider side panel, i.e. underarm support. A high fashion bra will have a very narrow side panel, a bra designed for a fuller bust will have a wider and stronger side panel. Getting the right bra and the right fit will help. We can’t make this go away (even on the fittest, slimmest girls) but the right bra will help.


Note from Gorgeous Me, shapewear can give you a smoother finish for more figure hugging garments.



With best performance and support in mind, how long does an average bra last?


It’s really hard to say how long a bra will last. For maximum wear, be sure to follow all washing care instructions, i.e. use a laundry bag and hand wash. It also depends on how many bras you have and how often you rotate and wash them. If you have several bras and only wear them once a week they could last 1-2 years, if you only have one bra and wash and wear it daily it may be 6 months. The elasticity in the bra eventually stretches to a point that it no longer offers you support.


Over time you will need to adjust the shoulder straps and use the next hooks at the back for a firmer fit.





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