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Two New Makeovers

Two New Makeovers

Pictured above: Charlene & Andrew


FindSomeone, New Zealand’s leading online dating service (part of the Trade Me Group), is undergoing a makeover of its own and to celebrate they ran a competition offering two Gorgeous Me makeovers for their members - one for a male, one for a female.


To say this competition was popular is an understatement, FindSomeone was inundated with entries which made it very difficult to find the two winners. The winners were:  Charlene from Tokoroa and Andrew from Oxford, North Canterbury.



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“SERIOUSLY PLEASE HELP me. I have been a single mum of two boys for the last 10 years, working full-time and also keeping the animals happy on my mini farm.  I'm tired but now it’s me time. I think I dress okay when not in gumboots but have never worn makeup and think it’s time I learnt to help hide my ageing skin. LOL. PLEASE help me feel pretty again.” Charlene


“Fix me up please, I sure could use it. I'm single and a solo parent with three teens full-time and I share care of my 8 year-old son. I do my best to keep them well dressed and fed and tend to overlook my own upkeep. My hair is fast approaching my shoulders and my beard is heading that way too.  By the time I’ve worked enough to pay my bills, cooked dinner, cleaned up and wound down there is barely time left for enough sleep to do it all again tomorrow. A bit of a break and some pampering would be great.” Andrew


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We had a fun time with each of them, loads of laughs.


Gorgeous Me Makeover - Charlene Nov '14 #1

Charlene & Lisa hit the shops


As part of their prize, they were each given a $1,000 Prezzie Card to spend on clothing. Charlene knocked her’s over in four hours and ended up with loads of outfits.



Gorgeous Me Makeover For Find Someone - Andrew Nov '14 (17)

"Fine" was the most Lisa could get out of Andrew whilst shopping


Lisa asked Andrew what he thought of each outfit he was trying on and he’d reply “fine”. Fine can mean loads of things and often is not that positive but Andrew said, “what you need to appreciate is that “fine” for blokes means just that, it’s good and will do the job”. Lesson learnt :)


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Like any of our makeovers, it’s about “bringing out the best” in people, whilst working to their needs and comfort levels.


Charlene's makeover

Gorgeous Me Makeover - Charlene November '14 (02)

Charlene, before and after her Gorgeous Me makeover, a prize she won through FindSomeone


“I had such an amazing time in Wellington with Lisa and the rest of the team. I came down feeling frumpy and old and came home looking and feeling gorgeous, to the point my own sister didn't recognize my photos on Facebook! LOL


What you do and how you made me feel is amazing and I am so glad I had this opportunity. I have taken all your advice on board and am using it everyday, I am even wearing makeup now and I style my hair, well except when out in the paddocks in my gumboots!


I feel amazing and confident. I get looks as I enter a room or walk down the street now. I feel younger. I’m loving the new me and so is everyone else.


Thank you again lovely lady.” Charlene 

Gorgeous -Me -Makeover ---Charlene -Nov -'14


Check out Charlene's video


Andrew's Makeover

Gorgeous Me Makeover For Find Someone - Andrew Nov '14 (01)

Andrew, before and after a Gorgeous Me makeover, a prize he won through FindSomeone



“I was initially apprehensive about my makeover, however, Lisa quickly put me at ease and made me about as comfortable as a bloke can get in a clothing store. I really enjoyed the whole experience and feel better about myself and my look than I have in over a decade. Gorgeous Me thanks to Gorgeous Me!!” Andrew 


Gorgeous -Me -Makeover ---Andrew -Nov -'14


Check out Andrew's video


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