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Top Hair Style Trends 2013/14

Top Hair Style Trends 2013/14

Hair is one of our greatest assets when it comes to our personal appearance. Use it to your advantage. Turn heads.


key trends coming through from Europe and America for 2013/14



Long hair with lots of body and waves








the Fringe


The fringe is back, big time. In America they refer to them as bangs.

  • For short or long hair
  • Exaggered blunt (ultra straight) or slightly more relaxed
  • Blunt fringe with long waves is very popular





the Bob

The key trend is long bobs, sitting between the chin and shoulder. Wavy, textured, tousled looks are very popular and very easy to wear and maintain.






Short, straight and structured, even asymmetric bobs still have their place.





The pixie cut

The pixie was made popular in the 50’s by Audrey Hepburn and then later in the 60’s by Twiggy and Mia Farrow. Pamela Anderson recently chopped off her golden locks and is now sporting a pixie.





Strong, exaggerated side part, or in the centre


Braids as an accent





  • Softer blonde. But also Platinum! Mix it with a short pixie look - delicious. 
  • Bold, chunky colour highlights
  • Ombre (graduated colour from dark to light) - this has been around for a while but is still very popular
  • Bring back the blue rinse - make that green, pink...(muted colours)





Side pony tail


Braided, mussed (messy) or loose and free flowing




We just love these short cuts








Use silver shampoo over the summer to counteract the effect of the sun turning blonde hair to yellow and also to keep natural grey hair a pure, clear, shiny grey.



Don’t forget the makeup


A fab hair style needs to be complemented with fab makeup. The bolder and stronger the hairstyle, the bolder the makeup needs to be to pull it off.



Don’t be disappointed


You’ve found some styles you love in a magazine. Don’t be disappointed if your stylist has other ideas.


Of course it’s important to show your stylist what you like but listen to their recommendations and advice, they’re the expert and will know what will work on you. A hairstylist takes a lot into consideration when determining what will suit you - your hair and its behaviour, face shape, skin colouring, your lifestyle and how suited you are to maintaining it, etc.





Your face shape is just one of the many things your hair stylist will take into consideration. Not all styles suit all women.



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Cover image: Other images courtesy of Pinterest. Thank you.

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