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The Right Shoe Style for you

The Right Shoe Style for you

Let’s get you wearing the right shoe style for your body shape.


As with any of our advice, this is only a guide, it’s important to wear what you feel right and comfortable in.





  • If you’re a small frame, with a fine bone structure, you may look out of balance wearing big, chunky platform shoes. They may look a little clumsy. But having said that, if your style personality can carry it off, then it might look great - fashion follower, creative/dramatic.
  • If you’ve got a more solid frame, a slim, fine style shoe (like a delicate strappy sandal with a fine heel) may not look right. It's all about visual balance.
  • A useful guide is to consider the thickness of the heel balancing that of the ankle.



Short legs


For you


  • Heels - okay, this is a no brainer, a heel adds height. Platforms or wedges are great because they give you the height but without the exaggerated angle of a regular heel. Also, the more solid a heel, the more support it offers and the easier it will be to walk in; stiletto’s can be hard going.
  • A low-front (starting close to your toes) or pointy shoe, can make the visual line of your leg appear longer.


Red Shoe 

Mi Piaci Anka - $220 



  • Ankle straps - these can interrupt/cut the visual leg line, making your legs appear short. Though it really depends on the colour and style of the shoe. Don't just discount it, be sure to try it on, but in doing so, bear in mind what we've said.
  • Ankle boots, whilst fabulous, may make your legs look shorter.



Heavy legs/ankles


For you


  • Heels - high heels not only lengthen the leg line, but also help to slim the calf, as well as supporting an upright posture.
  • Boots - make sure the height of the boot doesn’t finish at the widest part of your leg - the line is where the eye will fall and this will only accentuate the thickness of your legs. Be sure to ask for boots that have been designed to accommodate thick calves.
  • Choose a sturdy heel – a thin heel will highlight the heaviness of the leg (refer to proportion above).
  • Wedges & Platforms are a good shoe for balancing out thick calves and ankles and are flattering to the leg.

UTTRYR3L1RX_1_side _large


Shoe Connection – 67 Mustang 74274, Vachetta Ruby Red - $259.99



  • You’re best to avoid calf-length or ankle boots, instead go for a longer boot to elongate the leg line.
  • Ankle straps, it will only draw attention to your ankles.



Tall/big feet


For you


  • As mentioned above, it’s about getting the proportions right. If your foot size looks in proportion to the rest of your body, then they’re not big, they’re just right.
  • Closed shoes can shorten the appearance of the foot/leg.
  • Don’t be afraid to wear a heel, you have been blessed with height, take advantage of it. It doesn't have to be high.


Yellow Shoe

Mi Piaci - Larosa - $260



  • Bold shoes can draw unnecessary attention to your feet, and possibly make them look bigger than what they are.



Other points


  • Nothing completes the look of open toe shoes more than pedicured/painted toenails.
  • Pointed-toe high heels should be avoided by women with wide feet - they’ll be jolly uncomfortable and your toes will be squashed at the end.
  • TS14+ has a fabulous line up of shoes & boots (in Winter) to accommodate wider feet and calves.





  • NEVER buy a pair of shoes that do not fit properly, e.g. they're on sale and only have the smaller size. Yes they might fit you in the shop but what will they be like after wearing them for a few hours? 


  • Also, if they're slightly uncomfortable in the shop because of the design or they don't suit your foot shape, imagine what they'll be like when you start wearing them! Avoid.


I say this, only because I've been twitty enough to do it too many times myself!!




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