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the golden rules of hemlines

the golden rules of hemlines

Where is it best to end your hemlines? A Gorgeous Me guide to hemlines.


Well, it's more a case of where NOT to end them - never at the widest point of your body. 


We understand that it's not always easy to know what will suit your body type, so we have compiled a wee guide to help you when determining hem lengths for tops, skirts/shorts/Capri pants and trousers.


Tops - Sleeves 

If you have thick upper arms and/or a big bust you would be best to avoid short sleeves, or ones that finish at the widest part of your arm. All this does is attract the eye to that area. Instead, wear a slightly longer sleeve, perhaps one that finishes just above, on or below the elbow - or a three-quarter sleeve finishing mid-lower arm. 

Torrid -Plus -Size -Red -Solid -Top -with -Black -Wired -Belt1 


This woman would have been better to wear a three-quarter or full-length sleeve or no sleeve at all.  Aside from that, the colour looks great on her, and the v-neck works well to break up her big bust. 


Tops - Length 

Have you ever tried to hide your tummy, bottom or hips by wearing a long top, but find yourself forever adjusting to ensure it covers everything?  I saw a woman recently in exercise gear, she had a small upper body, including a small waist, with wide hips and big thighs.  Her exercise gear looked fab - lovely fuchsia pink top that complemented her skin colour, and black exercise pants that helped to play down her bigger area.  The only problem was that to make her feel more comfortable and less self-conscious, she wore a longer top that ended at the hips, at the widest point; she would've been much better ending it at her slim waist or slightly below. 


Women -exercising 


This is a good length top and the pants are great with the pink stripes at the sides as they slim the look of the leg.


The mistake we tend to make is trying to cover up our problem area but often all we're doing is drawing attention to it!


Shorts, Skirts & Capri (short) Pants 

If you have thick thighs or calves, ensure the hemline of your shorts, skirts or capri pants doesn't end at the widest point. With skirts, if you have thick calves, you are best to finish the skirt at or slightly below the knee. If your body shape and height can carry it off, opt for just below the calf.


Trousers & Pants 

Whatever you do, don't wear your trousers too short.  I see so many examples of this when I walk along the street.  It does you no favours at all. A longer hemline will make your legs appear much longer and will overall be far more flattering. When hemming trousers or skirts, don't try and check the hem length yourself, you often lean forward or twist your body to get a good look at the length and all this does is distort things.  Get someone else to have a look for you, or go to a professional tailor.


In these examples, the hemline is too short.


Pants _tooshort _heels 


Pants _tooshort _flats



Here the hemline is right.


Pants _good _heels 


Pants _goodlengthflats _closeup3


Br 626615-00vliv 01 


We actually think the length on these straight leg trousers with the heels is just a tad too long, it bunches up a little too much.


If you like to wear both heels and flat shoes with trousers, you may need two pairs because the hem length may need to be different to accommodate the shoe height. It all depends on the trousers and the shoes themselves.


Of course it's not just about the hemline, you need to look at the overall outfit you're wearing and ensure it's balanced.  A short top with a long skirt might not look right or balanced on some women, whereas others will carry it off.  I had a long-line jacket that never looked good on me because it was too long for my long upper body and made my legs look really short.


Have a look in your wardrobe and see if you have any clothes that might need the hemline altered - up or down.  And remember to get someone else to check the length for you.




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