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The future of fashion?

The future of fashion?

We stumbled across this wee gem last week. A futuristic look at fashion, or in this case travelling light!


Imagine never having to pack and bring a suitcase along every time you travelled? 3D printing master Janne Kyttanen has reduced everything you could need for a trip down into digital files so you can 3D print your stuff when you get there. That means, sending your luggage through email! How cool would it be if products and items of clothing could be sent through the internet just like an email or image would?!


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Gorgeous Me - The Future 

How realistic is it? Very, especially considering that what they have demonstrated here is actually happening now. As technology advances we can imagine them being able to make the end products finer and more wearable. Who knows, it might end up as fine and luxurious as silk.

Just imagine the versatility - quickly update your wardrobe, need an outfit for a special occasion like pronto! Will we all have our own printers or will we go to printing booths or order online? And if retailers still exist, they won't have to carry stock, just samples!







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