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Sweaty armpits? We have a possible remedy

Sweaty armpits?  We have a possible remedy

Warmer weather is on the horizon and most of us can’t wait. But for many it can be a difficult and embarrassing time due to increased perspiration.


We thought you might like to know about Driclor deodorant.


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After 1-2 weeks of using it, you should notice a considerable difference in sweat reduction.  My friends swear by it.


Apparently it stings and is itchy for the first week or so whilst you adjust to it, or it adjusts to you. They tell me it's worth persevering with.


Available from pharmacies.  Suitable for females and males.


This is not an official product recommendation or paid product endorsement, we are simply sharing a little gem that we found.


Please seek the advice of your pharmacist and/or doctor.  




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