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Styling with Scarves

Styling with Scarves

Chances are you have one or two ways of tying a scarf.  Here we share a bunch of ideas to create some fab styles.


How to wear a scarf...



the Snood (Infinity Scarf)




We love the snood.  So versatile and fab.  It’s also called the infinity scarf.


It’s one loop that has no ends, or the ends are fastened, as shown bottom left here. Long ones can be wrapped around the neck several times, or twisted around the body as shown top left.


The current trend is for very chunky knits. You can easily make one by sewing or fastening together the ends of a long scarf.  Or buy a strip of fabric and make your own.  You can fasten the end using a kilt pin, or chunky buttons.  Get out your knitting needles, or con mum or grandma.


Here are some variations of the snood. Below, top right, a yummy one in faux fur.



Snood 2




More than JUST a neck scarf


Don’t reserve scarves just for the neck - think about the head scarf, using scarves as a belt or a wrist wrap.


Head Scarves


Head Scarf 2


Scarves make a colourful belt, even try looping one through your trouser belt loops.


Scarf Belt 1


With a smaller scarf, try wrapping it around your wrist.  Add some jewellery for further interest.


Scarf Wrist


Over 40 ways to tie a scarf


Check out this website - Scarves Dot Net. They demonstrate how to create different knot styles for neck and head wear.


Scarf Tying1



Other ideas

Intertwine two different coloured or patterned scarves to add more colour and interest.

Add a necklace or several necklaces and/or a brooch for more interest and some sparkle.



Have fun and, most importantly, experiment!





Cover image:  Other images courtesy of Pinterest.  Thank you.


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