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Styling those legs

Styling those legs

Legs come in all shapes and sizes, not all of us have gorgeous long slender pins, and in fact very few do!

If you have short legs, wide legs, wide calves or wide and puffy ankles, we offer you some styling suggestions that might come in handy.

For any area of your body that you wish to downplay, it's about minimising the appearance of it and drawing the eye instead to a more favourable part of your body. The suggestions we make here are about minimising and disguising and doing our least favourite bits a favour. And in some cases, it's about making smaller or shorter areas appear bigger or taller than they are.

Short Legs

  • Short skirts just above the knee work best as opposed to long - it’s all about getting the balance and proportion right with your overall body.
  • Plain leggings or tights are good because they don’t attract unnecessary attention to your legs
  • Shoes in a complementary/similar colour to your skirt, tights or trousers as opposed to a contrast colour, will help to length the visual appearance of your legs.
  • Heels are great and add length to the leg - platforms and wedges are generally really comfortable and easy to walk in. If you do go for platforms or wedges, just be careful that they don’t look too big for your frame size, again it’s all about proportions and balance.


  • Avoid wide-leg trousers (full length and mid calf) and wide skirts - they'll make your legs and you look shorter.
  • Avoid shoes with ankle straps or high detail up over the top of the foot - they interrupt the line of the leg and make your legs appear shorter
  • Ankle boots, unless worn under trousers - they’ll cut the visual line of the leg.




Wide Legs


It’s about minimising the appearance of your legs. 


  • Trousers or skirts with plain, clean-line styles and plain colours and fabrics. Wide leg trousers that hang from the top of your bottom work well, they will skim over your hips.
  • Softer fabrics that drape, but nothing clingy. Matt finish, jersey-knit fabrics are good.
  • Darker colours on the bottom half work well
  • Complementary coloured tights or pantyhose to your skirt or dress, nothing contrasting.
  • Boot-cut or flared-leg trousers counter balance the width of your thighs
  • A-line skirts have a great line and the slight flare takes the emphasis off your hips and thighs.
  • Heels can help to make the leg look longer and slimmer. But don't go for a slim, elegant heel, it will look out of balance with your leg - a chunky heel would look fab.


  • Avoid lighter colours, patterned, shiny or heavy/stiff, textured fabrics, this will only draw the eye to your legs
  • Stretch trousers of any kind, including leggings - they hug too many curves and are not flattering
  • Calf-length straight skirts and pencil skirts only emphasise the width of your legs. Having said that, if you have a long top, then they may be okay.
  • Slim, narrow looking heels - they’re likely to be out of proportion with your heavier set legs.

Big Calves


  • Skirts that sit above, on or just below the knee - it means the eye isn’t drawn to the calves
  • High-heels are your friend - they make calves look more slender
  • Dark coloured trousers/tights offer a slimming look. Similarly, tights with vertical lines are good - as long as the lines don't widen/stretch when worn because this will only emphasise your wide calves.


  • Hem lengths that finish mid-calf, it will only make your calves look bigger and draw attention to them
  • Bold, bright patterned tights - again, they will draw unnecessary attention.




Wide or Puffy Ankles


  • Keep your tights, legs, trousers and shoes plain
  • Dark colours work to give a more slimming look
  • Full length trousers will work well as will shorter skirts (that sit slightly above, on or below the knee) so as to avoid attracting attention to the area


  • Short trousers, Capri pants (e.g. mid-calf length)
  • Skirts that finish mid-calf
  • Ankle strap shoes
  • Anklets (jewellery)


Anything that is going to draw attention to your ankles.



We hope this helps :)





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