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Styling our Pears

Styling our Pears

For all those women who are heavier in the lower half of their body - big bottom, wide hips and/or big thighs - we’ve got some styling tips to help you minimise the visual appearance of your bigger areas.


As with any of our advice, take from it what you think will work for you.




To minimise the visual appearance of your big bottom, hips and/or thighs, consider:


  • Supportive underwear - it will help give you a smooth, flatter, slimmer look. When buying supportive underwear, be careful with sizing, you may need to go up a size. If your supportive underwear is too snug, it will push the excess above or below your underwear, not pretty!

  • Plain, straight and clean lines/styles, i.e. no pleats, frills, gathers etc on your skirts or trousers, all they do is add unnecessary volume

  • Plain, matt fabrics (not shiny)

  • Long-line tops are great, like tunic tops

  • If your thighs are wider than your hips, it's a good idea to wear loose fitting skirts and trousers. Fabrics with good drape will help too, as long as they don't cling.

  • If your bottom area is larger and not balanced with your shoulders, jackets or tops with wide shoulders (shoulder pads, ruffles, detailing, etc) can provide visual balance



  • Avoid patterns, heavily textured or shiny fabrics as they draw the eye to the area you don't want them to

  • Avoid decorative or flap side/back pockets on trousers or skirts - they add bulk and width

  • Hemlines of tops or jackets should never end at the widest point of your body, e.g. at your hips

  • Mini skirts

  • Baggy clothes to try and cover up, all they seem to do is make you look bigger overall.




Essentially what you’re trying to do is shift attention away from your bigger areas, and have people focus on your fabulous bits.








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