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Styling for Small Busted Women

Styling for Small Busted Women

Styling our way around our body’s uniqueness


We’re all unique and that’s what makes life and us so fabulous. Though unfortunately most of us don’t see it like that, we all want to be the perfect (or normal) this and that.


In this series, we focus on styling different parts of the body. This week we start with styling for a Small Bust. At the end of last year, we answered a member question on styling for a big bust.


A small bust is generally an A cup.


Celebrate having a small bust:


  • it does make you look slimmer overall
  • they don’t get in the way when you exercise
  • there are loads of gorgeous bras available in your size
  • they're less likely to head south with gravity and old age - not a lot of weight to drag them down :)


(Ha, I should know - I've been talking myself up with the benefits for years!!)


Here are some styling tips 


You're very lucky, because there aren't many things that you can't wear.


  • Padded and push-up bras are a godsend, and they just keep getting better and better. Some even give you cleavage!! And padded swimwear too
  • Look for tops with detail around the bust area, for example: ruffles, ruching, textures, patterns and pockets. The detail disguises your small bust
  • Wrap, crossover tops/dresses with ruching are fabulous
  • Open neck, buttoned shirts are great as are empire line tops/dresses (the waistline sits just under the bust, and often a low neckline)
  • Wear a mid to long-length necklace, a broach or scarf
  • Layer your clothes
  • Bolero jackets (cropped jacket) or shrug (cropped cardigan, sometimes with a tie front) are great - though avoid these if you've got broad shoulders or big arms, or if you're short-waisted.




Other styling tips in this series:

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