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Styling for a Tall/Large Frame

Styling for a Tall/Large Frame

Last week we shared styling tips to assist women with a small frame. This week we look at the other end of the spectrum.


A large frame is generally someone who is 172cm (5'8") or above, likely to have large bones and shoe size 9.5 (40) plus.



  • Celebrate your size and beauty. Keep a straight posture, straight shoulders. Tall and proud. I know a young woman, a teenager, who is taller than all of her friends and already I see her stooping and rounding her shoulders without even realising it!

  • Scale is really important for you - scale in proportion to your size. Go for big, bold and dramatic if your style personality will allow.


  • Larger-scale patterns and textures will work well for you. As will heavier weight or more structured fabrics.


  • Use accessories to make a statement - go for big, bold, chunky accessories - earrings, necklaces, handbag, shoes, belts, bracelets/bangles; though we’re not suggesting all at once! Layer your jewellery - wear a number of necklaces or bangles/bracelets at one time; this is a great look. Just make sure the necklaces are complementary to one another - colour, styles. Or opt for one big statement, accent piece/s.


  • Think about proportion - this applies to anyone, regardless of size. Ensure that visually you create a balanced look between your top and bottom halves.


  • Fitted clothes that enhance your shape will be a lot more flattering than big, shapeless clothes, and help to reduce the appearance of your size.  

  • Wearing a different coloured top to bottom will help give the appearance of being shorter.


  • Depending on your style personality & colour profile, consider bold statement colours, accent clothing and/or accessory pieces. Some of you may feel comfortable mixing a number of these things together, for others, it will be a matter of choosing one piece.





  • In scale and proportion to your size, you may want to consider avoiding:

    • fine, small jewellery and accessories (we’re only talking in terms of size here)
    • fine-styled, dainty shoes - it’s about getting the balance right with your size

  • Wearing one colour from head to toe will appear as one big block of colour - look for ways to break it up - accessories, layering (of colours, textures, patterns, etc), contrasting colours, etc.

  • If you can, avoid wearing big, baggy clothes - they may make you appear bigger than you really are.  Wear more fitted clothes.







  • Wear a shoe that is in proportion will your overall size - consider solid, thicker heels, chunky styling, as opposed to a more refined, dainty look. It’s about visual balance.


  • Don’t be afraid to wear a heel, you have been blessed with height, take advantage of it. It doesn't have to be high.




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If you feel your feet are too big, consider this:

  • If your foot size looks in proportion to the rest of your body, then they’re not big, they’re just right.

  • Closed shoes can shorten the appearance of the foot/leg.

  • Bold shoes can draw unnecessary attention to your feet, and possibly make them look bigger than what they are.







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