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Styling for a small frame

Styling for a small frame

It's important to note that, with any of our recommendations, they are general guidelines and may not suit all. Take from them what is right for you.



A small or petite frame is generally someone who is 160cm (5'3") or under with a size 6 shoe (36) or less.


  • Scale and balance are important. You should consider clothing and accessories that are generally small, minimal and fine in their appearance as they are likely to be more in proportion with your frame.  If you were to wear clothing and accessories that are big and chunky, for example, they could swamp you. Having said that, if you have a strong, bold, out-going personality then you are likely to be able to carry off a heavier look.


  • This also applies to fabric patterns - smaller, more minimal patterns might be better - it’s all about proportion and scale.


  • Don’t wear jackets or tops too long, otherwise your legs may look short and overall you may appear smaller than you are. Again, it’s all about proportions and getting the balance right.


  • Capri pants (short trousers that generally sit midway between the knee and ankle) - avoid wide leg capri pants, you’re better with tapered ones. The wide leg can make you look shorter.


  • Wearing one colour, or complementary colours, from top to bottom, will add height to your appearance.





  • Avoid heavy, structured fabrics and big, bold patterns and accessories - they could swamp you.








  • Heels - okay, this is a no brainer, a heel adds height! Platforms or wedges are great because they give you the height but without the exaggerated angle of a regular heel. Also, the more solid a heel, the more support it offers and the easier it will be to walk in; stiletto’s can be hard going. Just be careful that the platforms or wedges are not too solid or chunky looking, as they can look too heavy for your slight frame.


  • A low-front (starting close to your toes) or pointy shoe, can make the visual line of your leg appear longer.


Red _shoe 

Mi Piaci Anka - $220




  • Ankle straps - these can interrupt/cut the visual leg line, making your legs appear short. Though it really depends on the colour and style of the shoe - shoes that ‘blend’ will have less of an impact than those that ‘contrast’. However, don't just discount them. Be sure to try them on, but in doing so bear in mind what we've said.

  • Ankle boots, whilst fabulous, may make your legs look shorter for the same reasons as the ankle strap.

Of course this styling advice does not apply when you wear either of them with trousers.







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