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Sizzling Active Wear for Summer

Sizzling Active Wear for Summer

Whether you’re into walking, yoga, pilates or adrenalin pumping high-active sports, there’s some great active wear around.


What we love are the fabulous colours in tops, pants and shoes. Don’t be afraid to mix up colours - hot pink with lime, orange or purple, for example. Have fun. It will help put a spring in your step. Having said that, I met a woman recently buying exercise gear and she was opting for blacks and greys. I tried to encourage her to buy some colour but she was nervous she might look like a dork in fancy, colourful gear when she’s starting out and a bit of an unco! Understandable.


3S14543L_cherrybang _3 

                              Running Bare


Remember to keep attention grabbing clothing/accessories for the best bits of your body, and plain styling for the areas you’re not so fond of. 




Body Shapes


Top-heavy (apple, inverted triangle)


Balance up the appearance of your bigger top half with your fabulous bottom half, and be sure to show off those legs. Tops with colour contrast side panels offer a very sliming look - the eye focuses on the central panel, not the sides :)



                  TS14+ Infinity Top - AUD $49.95, NZD $59.95


Bottom-heavy (pear or triangle)


  • Again, it’s all about balancing up the visual look of your top and bottom halves.

  • Wear lovely coloured tops and play down your bottom half with plain, simply styling and colours. 
  • Look for pants with support, extra wide waistbands.

  • Pants with colour contrast side panels, like these ones, give a slimming leg line because the silhouette is reduced in size by the coloured band.

  • Avoid pulling your tops down to cover your hips and bottom - a reminder not to have hemlines finishing at the widest parts of your body.




                    EziBuy - Isobar Contrast Panel Legging - $69.99



Straights and Hourglasses


  • If you’re slim and toned you’re likely to look great in crop tops and shorts; well most things actually.

  • Fuller straights and hourglasses:
    • Colour contrast side panels in tops and pants (as mentioned above) will help to give a slimming look
    • Look for tops that give the appearance of a waist, be it through design panels or bands of colour.






There's an abundance of wonderful styles and colours to choose from in current Summer '13 ranges. Here's a handful of examples.


Please note, we have provided full-pricing below, even though a number of items are now on sale. Also, a number of these brands sell globally, even though prices below are only stated in NZD & AUD.




 111307-HP-9-230Wx 345H

                               Lorna Jane



  • Layering looks fabulous.

    • Coloured sports bras underneath a loose tank like the one shown above, or a more fitted one, as shown below within the Lorna Jane range.
    • Layering is also great if you’re long in the torso

  • Some tops have built-in bra support. Some of you will need more support than this.

  • Remember the rule about hemlines - never finish a hemline at the widest point/s of your body - tops, pants, etc. So girls, don’t pull those tops down too low to try and cover your hips!

  • Wrap tops, ones with ruching, and busy fabric patterns can help to camouflage tummy troubles.


Gorgeous Me Profiles Active Wear Summer 13#1 


Left to right

Lorna Jane - More Fun Tank - AUD $34.99

The Warehouse - Active Intent Women’s Eyelet Short Sleeve Tee - NZD $12

Active Intent Hooded Top - Peach $20

Active Intent Women's Cooldry Singlet - Purple $20

TS14+ Infinity Top - AUD $49.95, NZD $59.95 - the side panels on this top give a slimming line 

Second row, left to right 

Lorna Jane - Lynda Excel Tank - AUD $69.99 this looks fab teamed up with a colourful sports bra, like

Lorna Jane - Metric Sports Bra - AUD $65.99

The Warehouse - Active Intent Women’s Cooldry Crop Top $20

Third row, left to right 

TS14+ Infinity Relax Tank - AUD $39.95, NZD $49.95

The Warehouse - Active Intent Women’s Eyelet Singlet - NZD $12

Virtu Pursuit Polo - AUD $49.95, NZD $59.95



Gorgeous Me Profiles Active Wear Summer 13#2


Left to right 

Supre - Thick Strap Singlet - AUD $12 - awesome range of colours available. Wear two different colours together and separate the straps and hems to let the under colour show through.

EziBuy - Isobar V-Neck Tee - $49.99 - the v-neck and the contrast side panels are flattering, particularly great for top heavy shapes.

EziBuy - Isobar Active Tee - $49.99 - loving the little cap sleeve and detailing on the shoulder and at the front with the lovely scoop neck

EziBuy - Isobar Panel Top - $34.99 - the drawstring is lovely on this

Second row, left to right

Runningbare - Rock It Workout Tank - AUD $69.99

Runningbare - Sweetheart No Bounce Crop Top - AUD $59.99

Third row, left to right

Supre - Long Basic Singlet - AUD $10 - as above - huge range of colours, and wear two together

Runningbare - DVF V-Neck Tee - AUD $39.99 

Lululemon - Run: Fast Track Tank - AUD $75 




Gorgeous Me Profiles Active Wear Summer 13#3


Left to right

TS14+ Pursuit Jacket - AUD $79.95

Running Bare - Katinka Sleeveless Zip Hoodie - AUD $74.99

EziBuy - Isobar Contrast Panel Jacket - $99.99

Lululemon - Nice Asana Jacket - NZD $169 - great colours to choose from

Second row, left to right

Running Bare - Cardio Zip Jacket - AUD $76.99

TS14+ Infinity Vest - AUD $109.95, NZD $139.95

EziBuy - Isobar Short Sleeve Jacket - $89.99





 111301-SC-9-230Wx 345H

                               Lorna Jane



Some things to think about when buying pants:


  • Leg line - if you’re short, you may suit a more tapered leg than straight cropped pants as these can make you appear shorter than you are.

  • Side panels - some pants have contrast coloured side panels that help to give a slimming look.

  • Waist support - some have wide elasticated waist bands which are not only supportive but comfortable too.

  • Hemlines - we refer to our earlier point about ensuring that hemlines don’t finish at the widest points of your body.

  • We love pants with zip pockets to hold keys and your mobile.

  • Baggy, dancer pants are very popular - roll up the hem for a cooler, on-trend look



Gorgeous Me Profiles Active Wear Summer 13#4 

Left to right

Supre - 7/8 Super Thick High-Waisted Runner Tights - AUD $16

The Warehouse - Active Intent Women’s Side Stripe Cuffed Hem Capri - NZD $25

TS14+ Infinity Crop Pant - AUD $69.95, NZD $89.95 - wide elasticated waistband for added comfort and support

Virtu - Chevron Legging - AUD $49.95, NZD $49.95

Second row, left to right

EziBuy - Isobar Contrast Panel Legging - $69.99

Runningbare - Favourite ½ Tight - AUD $74.99

Runningbare - Next Generation 1/2 Tight - AUD $74.99




Gorgeous Me Profiles Active Wear Summer 13#5 


Left to right

Runningbare - Katinka Baseball 3/4 Nick - AUD $69.99

Lorna Jane - Skinny Flashdance Pant - AUD $75.99

Lululemon - Om Pant - NZD $149.00

Lululemon - Astro Pant - NZD $149

Lululemon - Street To Studio Crop - NZD $135





These are a great alternative for a little more cover.


Second row above, left to right

EziBuy - Isobar Capri Skirt Pant - $79.99

EziBuy - Isobar 7/8 Skirt Crop - $79.99





Gorgeous Me Profiles Active Wear Summer 13#6


Left to right

Runningbare - De Ja Vu Short - AUD $64.99

The Warehouse - Active Intent Women's Micro Splice Shorts - Black - NZD $20 (in store next week)

The Warehouse - Active Intent Women's Micro Splice Shorts - Coral - NZD $20 (in store next week)

Second row 

Runningbare - Going Native Kick Short - AUD $ 54.99

Third row, left to right

Runningbare - Fun Run Short - AUD $69.99

Lululemon - Groove Short - NZD $69

Lululemon - Shake & Break Short - NZD $75




Sports Bras


A sports bra is perfect for you to exercise in. Lined for comfort, it uses wider straps, and has broader cup coverage to reduce stress on your breast tissue. Your sports bra also provides greater support from the front and sides, while a reinforced underband keeps it in place. Different types of sports bras are available for low to moderate, and high impact activity. As with any bra, we recommend getting yourself fitted by an expert to ensure you're getting the best bra for you.


Also, colourful sports bras from the likes of Lorna Jane, can be teamed up with other tops, worn underneath, for a great style and splash of colour.



Gorgeous Me Profiles Active Wear Summer 13#7 


Left to right

Lululemon - Stuff Your Bra II - NZD $75

Bendon - Extreme Out Sports Bra - $79.95

Bendon - Active Sports Bra - $49.95

Bendon - Croptop Sports Bra - $34.95

Second row, left to right

Lorna Jane - Caprice Bra - AUD $62.99

Lorna Jane - Metric Sports Bra - AUD $65.99

Lorna Jane - Starting Line Bra - AUD $62.99

Lululemon - Booby Bracer (love the name :) ) - NZD $99





Sports shoe 


Ensure you get the right shoe for your activity - shoes for walking are different in construction and support than those for say running. Though having said that, cross-trainers are shoes that are suitable for a number of sporting activities. Be sure to ask the experts. Footwear is one thing that is really important to get right - helping to prevent injury and problems later in life.


Gorgeous Me Profiles Active Wear Summer 13#8 


Left to right

The Warehouse - Active Intent Sefika Shoes - $35 (in store next week)

The Warehouse - Active Intent Semra Shoes - $35 (in store next week)

Overland Skechers Go Recovery - NZD $119.90

Overland - Ebb Sport Aura Mesh - NZD $149.90

Second row, left to right

Overland - Skechers Go Run - NZD $159.90

Shoe Connection - Nike Flex 2013 RN - NZD $149.99 - running

Shoe Connection - New Balance W790GL1 - $159.99 - running

Overland - Skechers Agility New Vis - NZD$139.90

Third row, left to right

Shoe Connection - New Balance WX797BB - $159.99

Shoe Connection - Nike Dual Fusion Lite - $169.99




A reminder that a number of these brands sell globally, even though prices are only stated in NZD & AUD.





The following sizes are an indication only. It depends on the style.


TS14+ - sizes 12-24

EziBuy - sizes 6-24 (Isobar is EziBuy’s active wear range)

Lorna Jane - sizes 6-16

Running Bare - sizes 8-22

Lululemon - sizes 6-16 



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