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She's got legs

by Sharon Hill
She's got legs
Magnificently muscled


If you've got 'shapely' legs like me - your legs are more the male bodybuilder variety than fabulously feminine - you need to be careful about your hemlines.


I'm proud of my muscles, I only have to think about exercise and I sprout a few more. And, if I ever bothered going to a gym my strapping legs would be the star act. However, in everyday life I like to show them to their best advantage.



Knee or ankle but never mid-calf


For curvy legs, try to go for skirts and dresses with hemlines that finish just below the knee - especially if you've got quirky sideways knee bumps like me. Too short and you can forget looking stylish, too long and you may as well add a pair of walk socks and sandals.


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If you're into maxi dresses, then go right to your ankle but not above and always wear a pair of heels to elongate those curves - and so you don't trip up on your skirt!




Another useful option for the more muscled amongst us is a flattering mid-thigh tunic with black or dark grey marl leggings that finish just below the knee or just above the ankle.

Sleeveless -high -low -tunic



Slim beans - open licence


If you've got legs up to your chin or any type of legs that people (other women - men love any legs) genuinely describe as lean, stunning or gorgeous then frankly wear what you like, you lucky pups. Although, once you're a little more mature, you might like to be a bit modest. Or not.


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