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New Wardrobe without spending!

by Sharon Hill
New Wardrobe without spending!

A change is as good as a holiday


If you haven't tried it already, a great way to shake up your wardrobe and have some fun at the same time is by having a clothes swap with a bunch of girlfriends.


Get rid of the old and feel like a whole new person with a few new additions to your wardrobe - often items that you wouldn't look twice at in a shop, miraculously suit you perfectly.



Like a lolly store


I find a swap is like being let loose in a lolly store and told to eat all you want. The added bonus is that you get honest opinions from your friends.



Keep in mind


Of key importance is making sure your group of girls are all around the same size. Shape doesn't matter because I always find what doesn't fit me, fits another shape perfectly and vice versa. Most things swapped are just not right for their first owners, so are usually in great condition - an added bonus. It also helps if people have similar, but not necessarily identical, taste in clothes - everyone does something different with them. 






Confidence booster


Not only is a swap a brill chance to get a brand new wardrobe for zero expense, but it's also a chance to hang with your friends and give each other a few compliments. Make sure you speak up when something looks amazing on one of your friends, and equally (though more diplomatically) when something is not right. It's a matter of true friendship that you don't let any of your buddies take anything away that is truly unflattering on them.



Different strokes


There are a few different ways a clothes swap can go. The most simple, though most chaotic, is for everyone to literally throw their clothes in the middle, then dive in and frantically pull things out to try on. This can be good if you are embarrassed about your clothes; you don't have to own up to what's yours. Rejected items get thrown back in and tried on by the next person.


Another (more relaxed) way is for each person, one at a time, to go through their pile they brought; holding up each item, while everyone else vies for trying it on. Then, once everyone's gone through their contributions, there's a big try on and more swaps are had, as needed.


And if more than one of you want the same thing... you'll just have to find a way to sort it!



Unwritten rules


Don't bring anything that's pilly, worn, needs mending or is faded. I tend not to take too many super cheap brands either, regardless of condition. But that might just be me. Also, don't bring underwear - unless it's one of those expensive foundation garments that's never/hardly been worn.



It's okay to take back!


I also reckon that it's perfectly fine for the original owner to ask for it back if they miss it and realise how lovely it is when seen on someone else. It was theirs and they paid for it, so I think it's ok for them to sheepishly request a return.


Hosting -clothing -swap


A good cause


A good idea for the inevitable pile left in the middle is to donate it to a worthwhile organisation such as Dress for Success or a charity shop.


Fancy a catfight?


For the swap aficionado, keep an eye out for the occasional public clothes swap. These are crazy and manic, akin to catfighting, but you do find some truly stunning outfits. I once went to one and ended up buying my friends shoes when we should have swapped them earlier - honestly! 



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