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Necklaces are the business

by Sharon Hill
Necklaces are the business

I'm a huge fan of necklaces - I'm only semi feminine and necklaces help give me that girly feel without all the frills. Ask my husband, he's bought me a few over the years, bless him.


I have quite a big selection and I pretty much wear one every day depending on my outfit. But it's not just how I feel on the day, I have developed an almost scientific approach to flinging on this most favourite accessory.



Wear it right


The key thing about necklaces is pairing the right one with the right outfit...


If your top or dress is very floral, frilly or textured and has a medium to low neckline, then just wear a simple, short, fine chain with a small pendant.


With the same style outfit in a simpler fabric, team with a short-medium but more bulky non pendant necklace. 


Galle -necklace


And, with plain and simple tops and dresses with medium to high necklines, wear colourful or stylish long, heavier pieces. Either round or pendant style.


Then again, for special events, and with the right simple outfit, I'm quite fond of giving science the finger and throwing on as many as I can. It's a girl's prerogative!




My favs


For my short fine style I currently wear a St Christopher charm on a chain. I just love the simplicity and the fact he’s the (albeit banished) saint of protection.


For my medium bulky style I have a lovely green bobbly necklace, as well as a Penny Foggo charm pendant style necklace that my best buddy bought me as a lovely surprise.


For the longer days, I have two coveted Guthrie & Steele pendants on heavy chains that get a lot of attention and a big, chunky green link chain necklace that, interestingly, men constantly comment on.


Necklace Pic _How 's It Hangin



Gold chains make a big come back 


And be sure to dig out those chunky gold chains (real or costume) - they're very popular now.  The bigger the better.


Gold Chain



Keep in mind


Have just a few necklaces you wear all the time. Like shoes, I only have one or two options for each occasion - so I don't have to think too much. Especially at six in the morning while the hubby's asleep! It's ok to have more stored away for when you want to swap out your regular ones.


If you're a black lover like me, then splash out with fun coloured jewellery - something that's currently in fashion, will get noticed, will snazz up your outfit and make you feel happy... all at the same time.


A friend said to me recently "I didn't realise you wear a lot of black, must be all the colourful necklaces you wear". Enough said.



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