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Colour Your World

by Sharon Hill
Colour Your World

Go black and never go back...

I love black because it's flattering. I love it because it's stylish and never goes out of fashion. I love how black always goes with black (unless it's faded black of course, then it needs to head to the rubbish bin or be re-dyed) and best of all, I suit black. If it's not black, then I do like a lovely grey marl... divine matched with black.


Hate the black out

What I don't love though is opening my wardrobe, especially when it's early and I'm trying to get dressed without waking the hubby, and being greeted with a sea of murky black. Not only is it hard to tell the pieces apart, given they're all the same colour, but it can also be a bit depressing.


Love colour splashes

My new trick to surviving a full 'black out' and getting a bit of fun and life into my wardrobe is adding a few splashes of colour. The neat thing about this is you can keep the black pieces as long as you like and simply accessorise with the latest fashion colour, or just whatever colour takes your fancy.


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Whether it's a cardigan, jacket, hat, shoes, handbag, jewellery, scarf or lippy, you too can make a colour splash without overspending or changing your core wardrobe.


Feelin' a bit green

I'm really into green at the moment. So all I had to do was pick up a $20 bright apple colour cardi from a low-priced chain store, hunt out a string of slightly deeper apple green beads I already had, and team it up with my standard black ruffle skirt (from a super lucrative clothes swap). After adding a black singlet top and ageless black wedge shoes I was away.


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Not only do I feel lovely and cheerful when I wear my new ensemble, but boy am I stoked with the ongoing compliments I get, from both men and women alike.


Tricks up your sleeve

The only trick to remember is to not make too much or too little splash. One large colour piece such as a coat or long boots is vibrant enough as a solo affair, or a couple of small splashes eg. bangle and shoes will work too. If you have multiple spots of colour, make sure they're similar but not exactly the same. Similar tones look jaunty and stylish, while identical colours can look a bit 'same same'.


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