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Recipe: Berry Christmas Trifle

Recipe: Berry Christmas Trifle

It's all in the presentation and serving trifle in tall glasses will certainly impress the socks off your family and friends. It is far easier than it looks.



500g berries, plus 1 cup for decoration

1/2 – 1 cup brandy, or alcohol of your choice, i.e cointreau, sherry, port

1 sponge cake

1 packet raspberry jelly

1 quantity custard

1 cup cream

1 handful nuts, toasted (optional)



This christmas trifle looks very effective served in tall individual glasses, or can be made as one large trifle.

Prepare the berries, i.e. hull the strawberries, then soak for at least 30 minutes in alcohol. While the berries are soaking, slice the sponge cake to fit your glass, and make your jelly.

Firmly place the berries at the bottom of the glass, cover with jelly, and allow to set for 15–30 minutes. Push your shaped piece of sponge on top of the set jelly, sprinkle liberally with alcohol. Next, place a layer of custard, then another layer of sponge, sprinkled with alcohol.

Continue layering until you reach 2–3 cms from the top of the glass, finishing with a layer of berries, or you can add whipped cream and toasted nuts.

Serve immediately or refrigerate until serving.

Serves 6

Recipe courtesy of Di Hill, Queen Margaret College and Scots College Parent

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