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Question time with Bendon

Question time with Bendon
Bendon answers your questions on lingerie.




Q. When I first try on and wear a new bra, what hook should I use (there are usually three on a bra)?



A. Bendon suggests the outside or middle hook for a new bra then move in as the bra wears. Most bras do stretch out over time, so this helps get the best fit and preserve the life of the bra.







Q. My bra is not supporting me like it used to and seems to have lost some elasticity.  


A. Bras don’t live forever, it might be time for a new bra. Careful washing and having a range of bras to wear will maintain the life of your lingerie, but there is a point where your bra should be replaced. Another reason may be that the straps may need adjusting and tightening up again.




Q. Why is my bust is spilling out of the top of the cup - is it the style of the bra? 


A. This definitely means the cup size for your bra is too small! Try going up a cup size, which will provide a better fit. And it may be that the style isn't right for you. Try another style, one that is fuller in the cup.




When buying a new bra it’s important to understand the basics. The bra body size is around the body and in Australasia is usually measured 10/12/14 and so on. The bra cup size is measured as a letter A/B/C/D/DD and so on. Bendon’s different brands cater for different cup sizes. Some brands like Bendon’s Evollove start at a D cup size, other brands like Elle Macpherson Intimates start at an A cup and go up to much larger cup sizes like DD or E.


The only way to get a perfect fitting bra is to try the bra on, and better still have a professional fitting in-store at Bendon. Don't worry, they're professional and will respect your privacy.


Here's a quick video on bra fitting.







Q. My bra underwire is uncomfortable and digs in, why is this?


A. This indicates you’re wearing the wrong size (too small) or sometimes the wrong style for your body shape. Bras are designed to support and hold the bust and if you have the right fit underwires will give the best shape and support.







Your questions are answered by Carol Rashleigh, Bendon's Specialist Lingerie Expert.  





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