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Makeup tips from the experts

Makeup tips from the experts

Must and must not do’s of makeup



  • Don’t share makeup, especially mascara, eyeliner and lip products with friends – no matter how close you are with them.


  • Replace your makeup regularly – just like food, makeup has a shelf life once opened. Mascara, for example, should be replaced at least every 3 months max, no matter how often you use it. If you only use it once in a while you may be better off getting your lashes tinted.


  • Don’t pump your mascara – swirl the brush but never pump – it pushes air into the mascara and will dry it out affecting its performance.


  • Use the right tools - brushes give better application and better blending of makeup products – the Revlon Brush Set has all the brushes (and a pencil sharpener) you need, plus it’s really affordable!


  • Clean your makeup brushes and applicators once a week. Warm water and a mild shampoo works well. Don’t submerge or soak brushes in water though, this will ruin the bristles.


  • Get your foundation shade matched by a makeup advisor. It’s important to get this right.


  • Get your skin type diagnosed by a beauty therapist.


  • Don’t wear the same shade of foundation 365 days a year! Change with the season – your skin does and so should you.


  • Update your makeup & skin care as you age – don’t wear the same in your 30’s that you wore when you were 20!


  • Don’t forget your eyebrows! Get them professionally shaped and find a brow pencil to add definition and lift the facial features. 




And that concludes our series on Makeup ‘How To’.  We hope you’ve found it beneficial.  Again, we would like to thank Revlon for assisting with the information for this series.







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