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Makeup Care Tips

Makeup Care Tips

We recently spoke to Helen from Smashbox to seek advice on caring for your makeup.



Do you have any tips on makeup shelf-life, how often you should replace the products once opened?


It's best to replace your mascara every 5-6 months, and most liquid or cream products such as foundation have a shelf life of 12 months once opened, just make sure it's kept away from direct sunlight or extreme heat – so no leaving your makeup bag locked inside your car during the day!

If you're using a natural range of makeup products they usually have a shorter shelf life as they contain less preservatives. 


Brush hygiene – how often should you be cleaning them and what with?


It's very important to clean your brushes, and the easiest and fastest way is to spritz them with pure isopropyl alcohol which you can purchase from a chemist. Once sprayed, wipe back and forwards on a clean paper towel, in the same direction as the hair bristles never against. You should be cleaning your brushes at least once a week, and every 3-4 weeks it's great to give your brushes a shampoo and condition, this will keep them super soft and silky. The best way to dry them is to lie them flat on a bench overnight (shaking them first to get rid of any excess water) instead of standing them up in a jar, this prevents any water residue seeping through to the wooden handle.

Do you have any tips on the general care of makeup, where it should be stored, room temperature, sunlight etc


It's best to store your makeup at room temperature, away from direct sunlight. If you're travelling long distances in the car in summer, it's great to get frozen gel packs and slip them into the side of your makeup bag to keep your products cool.

I always tell my friends to clean their lipsticks with isopropyl if they've had a cold or cold sore so as not to contaminate themselves further. 

With any eye infections or allergies, I highly recommend to replace your mascara or eyeliner and spritz the surface of the eye shadows you've used. The isopropyl evaporates almost instantly so you can use the products straight away.



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Helen Luo, Smashbox Pro Artist


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