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Makeover - Stephanie - May 2013

Makeover - Stephanie - May 2013

Let's meet the gorgeous Stephanie...

Age:  41

Dress size:  12-14

Height:  160cm (5'3) 







Stephanie's family are her pride and joy.




Stephanie with her two-year old.  She sent a photo home the evening of her makeover so her daughter could see how much Mummy had changed. She didn't want her daughter waking up not knowing who this new person claiming to be mummy was!  Apparently her daughter keeps touching Stephanie's hair, she can't believe it's real, can't believe it's her mummy :)





Stephanie has a smaller top half than bottom half.  She needs to try and balance up the appearance of her shoulders and hips without making either look bigger.


Bottom Bigger No Text





Stephanie's natural hair colouring is a red tone, her skin is light with freckles. She has blue eyes.  Her colour palette is warm.  You can see this in the orange blazer she wears below amd how much this colour lifts her.

Colours courtesy of Jill Wilkinson.










Let the makeover begin


Stephanie has a light complexion and her hair colouring has natural red tones.  To complement her skin colouring and to bring the colour of her eyes out, Krissy from Kristina Raffaele, suggests a gorgeous red colour. 


In terms of styling, Krissy felt a dramatic, defined fringe would look stunning on Stephanie.  She wanted to keep the length but have layers that would provide style and flick.  


The combination of the colour and cut would give Stephanie a dramatic look.



S2 S3



Gorgeous Me would like to thank Krissy and her wonderful team at Kristina Raffaele for the amazing makeover - hair styling and makeup.  You give our models the royal treatment - nothing new we understand, that's how all of your clients get looked after.



and the result





Gorgeous Me 4_0009



Gorgeous Me 4_0047


I went into the salon to pick Stephanie and Annah up, and Krissy told me they'd left.  I started questioning why, where, etc. and straight in front of me there was Stephanie.  I hadn't recognised her when I walked in, she looked soooo different!  I got a little excited and carried away, so sorry to all the other clients in the salon at the time!



Bringing it all together


The brands we work with cater for both New Zealand and Australia, either with stores in both countries or online.  We would like to thank them for supporting Gorgeous Me, especially the wonderful sales staff that are so helpful.


A lot of our retailers have SALES on at the moment so it's a great time to go shopping. And don't forget the fab offer from EziBuy for Gorgeous Me until 31 May 2013.






Jacqui E - Ponte Coat - $199.99

Jacqui E - Alex Cheetah Print Dress - $149.99

Jacqui E - Pearl Tassle Necklace - $29.99 (store only)

Mi Piaci - Gage Indigo Suede - NZD $280







EziBuy - Heine Print Dress - $149.99

Shoe Connection - Diesel Blairey Biking Red - NZD $789.99 (store only) 

Okay, so we didn't see the price when we chose the shoes!  That's stylists for you!!






EziBuy - Capture Leather Jacket - $149.99

Max - Peacock Tunic - $159

Max - Panelled Ponti Pant - $99

Overland Footwear - Janelle Ankle Boot - $259.90





Refer to details above 






Max - Deep Cowl Tweed Top Khaki - $119

Max - Cowl Drape Tunic Khaki Print - $139

EziBuy - European Collection Necklace - $39.99

Max - Panelled Ponti Pant - $99

Mi Piaci - Boss Shoe - NZD $230






Max - Sleeveless Kimono top - $139 

Max - Merino Colourblock Hem Zip Dress - $119.00

Jacqui E - Oval Pendant Necklace - $29.99 (store only)

Max - Panelled Ponti Pant - $99

Shoe Connection - Chaussure Connie Ankle Boot - NZD $199.99






Max - Satin Panel Tunic - $179

EziBuy - European Collection Necklace - $39.99

Max - New Essential Slip - $39

The Warehouse - Floral Pants - NZD $39

Mi Piaci - Citron Ankle Boot - NZD $310






EziBuy - Grace Hill Funnel Neck Coat - $159.99

Max - Merino Sequin Front Top - $119

Jacqui E - Triple Drop Pendant Necklace - $29.99 (store only)

EziBuy - European Collection Satin Trim Pant - $69.99

The Warehouse - Ruffle Handbag  - NZD $23.40

Shoe Connection - Bresley Dermott Ankle Boot - NZD $219.99






EziBuy - Next Print Tunic - $85 sold out unfortunately 

EziBuy - European Collection Satin Trim Pant - $69.99

EziBuy - European Collection Necklace - $39.99 

Mi Piaci - Charmant Shoe - NZD $290






EziBuy - Capture European Coat - $199.99



Gorgeous Me 4_0077



EziBuy - Heine Suede Blazer - $299.99 - apologies, this has since sold out :(  

EziBuy - Heine Animal Print Blouse - $139.99

EziBuy - Urban Jeans - $49.99

Shoe Connection - Bresley Dermott Ankle Boot - NZD $219.99


Stephanie loved this whole outfit.



Gorgeous Me 4_0090



EziBuy - Heine Print Dress - $169.99

Max - Wrap Tassel Necklace - $39 (store only)

Mi Piaci - Cairn Suede (rust but it's more orange) - NZD $290




Gorgeous Me 4_0117



Max - Frankie Military Coat - $199

Max - Fur Scarf - $79 (store only)

EziBuy - Heine Print Dress - $169.99



Gorgeous Me 4_0139



Jacqui E - Elle Sleeve Pu Ponte Dress - $149.99

Jacqui E - Ziggy Zip Jacket - $179.99

The Warehouse - Antique Filagree Necklace - NZD $15

Mi Piaci - Boss Shoe - NZD $230



Gorgeous Me




Yes, we are talking the same Stephanie!





A word from Stephanie...


"I have always been scared of shopping.  I didn’t know what looked good so I stuck to what I always had before – and it didn’t look as good as it should.  I would walk into a shop and be overwhelmed by all the items and would walk out feeling depressed and disappointed.  Since my makeover, I have walked into shops as a confident woman.  I look at all the clothes and I pick them off the rack – all of them not just the safe ones.  What looks ‘not for me’ on the hanger, can transform into ‘wow, this makes me look gorgeous!’.  I don’t look at just a shirt – I look at that shirt with this jacket or that shirt underneath, maybe a necklace too and the effect is stunning.  I even bought make up!!!  Gone is just the mascara, I now know what to apply and how and it is such an amazing change.  Just something as simple as picking the right lippy and wearing it every day.  I am so grateful for my experience – I feel alive, beautiful, happy and, well, gorgeous!


It has amazed me how much an outer makeover can make over the inside.  I didn’t realise how I was viewing myself – my self mirror was very different from what other people saw.  Now when I look in my mirror, I see what others see – a gorgeous red head who has a sparkle in her eyes and is confident in her skin. Happy on the outside, happy on the inside and then it reflects back out again.  I love it."



Stephanie has since reported that she's gone out and bought makeup, jeans, boots and a top.




Check out Stephanie's story and enlarged makeover images here


And here's Annah's makeover.  Annah is our other makeover model this month.


What do you think of Stephanie's makeover?  Gorgeous Me and Stephanie would love to hear from you.

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