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Makeover - Sorrel - April 2013

Makeover - Sorrel - April 2013

Another of our fab Gorgeous Me makeover models - Sorrel.


Age:  32

Dress size:  8-10

Height:   165cm (5'5)



Sorrel is sporting mad; she’s represented New Zealand in triathlons three times and, understandably, rates that as one of life’s unforgettable moments. She says, “wearing the Silverfern has never made me more proud”, while casually dropping in that she has also qualified for the World Triathlon Champs!  Sorrel loves training and considers it fun - “Not only is it fun but you get to meet amazing, inspirational people.”


Click here for Sorrel's story and makeover images. 






From a clothing perspective, Sorrel dresses up for work, a client facing role in IT, and then because of her love for sport, wears sporting gear the rest of the time.  She struggles with 'smart casual'.  So this became the brief for her makeover.  To look for clothes that she could wear in the weekend, or dress up to wear to work, e.g. on casual Fridays.




Sorrel's shape is the hourglass.  Her shoulders and hips are about the same width and she has a defined waist. 


Hour Glass - No Text


With Sorrel's fitness regime, her shoulders have broaden and her thighs are musclier.  Bootleg trousers, with a straight leg, worked well on her.




Sorrel suits a Clear colour palette.  Her eyes are her stand-out feature set against dark hair.  When you see her makeover photos below, you'll see why she looks so fantastic in the orange.


Clear Colours


Colours courtesy of Jill Wilkinson



Day One of makeover


This photo was taken the morning of our shopping trip.  Sorrel wears her hair up a lot, especially for sport - "it's just so easy".





Day Two

Hair consulation with Krissy Muollo, Kristina Raffaele.




Sorrel's got great bone structure along her jawline and cheeks and Krissy wanted to take advantage of it, cutting a short angular style.  Sorrel dyed her own hair, always using a dark colour.  It created a build-up of dense colour, which makes it difficult to go with a lighter option, something we would've preferred.  Krissy suggested adding warm red highlights, and over time, she will reduce the density of the dark colour and lighten it.  The result...






The shape of Sorrel's cut is divine.  Note the lovely warm red highlights.  This will be a very easy style for Sorrel to manage herself.  



bringing it all together

We'd like to thank all participating retailers for supporting this makeover.


It became obvious when we were shopping, that Sorrel's preference is definitely towards smarter looking casual than say jeans.






Jacqui E - Harley Leather Jacket - $299.99

EziBuy - Essentials Ponti Shift Tunic - from 49.99

Jacqui E - Oval Pendant Necklace - NZD $29.99 (store only)

Shoe Connection - Bresley Darla black patent brogue heel with leopard print - NZD $169.99



Sorrel looked fab in bootleg trousers, giving her a lovely leg line, and bootlegs look fab with a heel.

EziBuy - Capture Knitted Blazer - from $74.99

Max - Essential Reversible Cami - $29

Max - Bootcut Jean (dark blue) - $99

Overland Footwear - Dandelion handbag, colour eggplant - NZD $259.90

Mi Piaci - Protest Stone Suede Ankle Boot - NZD $270.00 




What a difference colour makes - the right colour.  This gorgeous pumpkin-coloured duffle coat brings Sorrel to life.


EziBuy - Capture Duffle Coat - from $109

Jacqui E - Estelle PU Trim Suit Pant in Black - NZD $109.99, AUD $99.95

Shoe Connection - Tony Bianco Averty white & black ankle boot - $NZ269





The same outfit, just changing the jacket and boots to give another look.



EziBuy - Emerge Print Blazer - from $109.99

Jacqui E - SS Lucia Elastic Hem Blouse in Black - NZD $79.99, AUD $69.95

Jacqui E - Ponte Black Legging - NZD $79.99, AUD $69.95

Mi Piaci - Winsome Black Fur Ankle Boot - NZD $320



EziBuy - Capture Stretch Ponti Jacket in pumpkin - from $89.99

Max - Seed Bead Scarf (which we actually used as a belt) - $39 (store only)

Jacqui E - Ponte Black Legging - NZD $79.99, AUD $69.95

Shoe Connection - Ender Black Suede Embroidery Ankle Boot







Jacqui E - Ziggy Zip Detail Jacket in black - NZD $179.99, AUD $169.95

Max - Lurex Marle Hi-Lo Top - $59

Necklaces - all from Max

- Double Gem Necklace - $39

- Multi-Cross Necklace - $39 (store only)

- Two-Toned Necklace - $39 (store only)

Jacqui E - Ponte Black Legging - NZD $79.99, AUD $69.95

Mi Piaci - Winsome Black Fur Ankle Boot - NZD $320



Jacqui E - Bailey Blazer in Natural - NZD $179.99, AUD $169.95

Jacqui E - Matisse Blouse - NZD $89.99, AUD $79.95

Jacqui E - Estelle PU Trim Suit Pant in Black - NZD $109.99, AUD $99.95

Max - Double Gem Necklace - $39

Mi Piaci - Goth black strap ankle boot - NZD $290.00






Max - Floral Jacket - $159 (store only)

Jacqui E - Estelle PU Trim Suit Pant in Black - NZD $109.99, AUD $99.95

Jacqui E - SS Lucia Elastic Hem Blouse in Black - NZD $79.99, AUD $69.95

Jacqui E - Beaded Tassle Necklace - NZ$29.99 (store only)

Shoe Connection - Tony Bianco Averty white & black ankle boot - $NZ269






Specsavers - Collette Dinnigan 14 - $439 (two pairs –

all Specsavers come with a two pair price offer, one pair is the same price)

Specsavers - Collette Dinnigan 04 - $299 (for two pairs) 



What did sorrel get out of the makeover?


"That having someone really work with you and nudge you to try things you wouldn't otherwise, is awesome.  I don't normally wear trousers but it showed me that I can wear the bootleg style and leggings. Lisa pushed me out of my 'clothes comfort zone' slightly while all the time respecting my feelings and what I needed.   


I also learnt it's worth the time and investment of a good hairdresser who is willing to really work on the best cut.  I have been blown away by how many people love my new look.  


I learnt to broaden my colour palette to tangerine orange and silver, or a rich cream; the makeover taught me a lot here.  


There was just so much. But mostly, try lots on, don't be afraid if it looks odd or not what you'd normally go for. Just give it a go.  


This makeover was fantastic and given me so many great ideas :-)."










"I was so blown away with my look, it was amazing. I was in shock but in a good way, I just couldn't believe how my hair change alone could change my look so much.  


I felt so great the next day getting ready for work. It was like taking a new me out :-)."


Check out Sorrel's story and full makeover images here.



Our next makeover models - Hannah and Jane.  Their makeovers will be revealed at the end of April.





What do you think of SORREL'S makeover? 

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