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Makeover - Jacqui - April 2013

Makeover - Jacqui - April 2013

Meet Jacqui, the first of our Gorgeous Me makeover models.


Age:  46

Dress size:  12-14

Height:   169cm (5'7)



Jacqui was a self-confessed tomboy when she was younger, always hanging around with the boys. Even today she struggles to wear a dress or skirt, preferring trousers, especially jeans.


Click here for Jacqui's story and further images of her makeover.







Jacqui opted for a natural, relaxed style of dress to fit in with her work, predominantly working from home, and also running around after her busy family.  



Jacqui's top half is broader than her bottom half.  She has broad shoulders, which means she often has to buy bigger tops than she'd otherwise need. 


Top Half Bigger - No Text


Jacqui looked great in outfits that gave her a defined waist and accentuated her stunning legs.



Jacqui suits Clear & Warm palettes.  Her hair and eyebrows are dark but with a warm undertone, her skin is light in colouring.


Warm And Clear Colours


Colours courtesy of Jill Wilkinson



Day One of makeover

The morning of our shopping trip.  This is Jacqui's usual everyday look - hair pulled back for ease, and limited or no makeup.





Day Two

We arrive at Kristina Raffaele's - hairstylist and salon owner Krissy Muollo, consulting with Jacqui.




Krissy suggests leaving Jacqui's beautiful hair long but cutting a lot of the bulk out of it, shaping it around the face to make it a focal point of her beauty and colouring it a dark chocolate colour with some subtle highlights.  The result...







bringing it all together

We'd like to thank all participating retailers for supporting this makeover. 





Jacqui's at home in jeans but would normally wear a white or grey t-shirt.






EziBuy - Emerge Merino Colour Block Relaxed Sweater - from $79.99

Max - Skinny Powerstretch Jean - $99

Overland Footwear - Captive Black Snow Leopard Flat - NZD $179.90



Max - PU Sleeve Print Tee - $49

Max - Skinny Powerstretch Jean - $99

Overland Footwear - Regina grey ankle boot - NZD $269.90




Here are a couple of dressier causal combinations - the jewellery, metallics, heels and sparkles make them dressier.  Jacqui ended up buying the complete outfit on the right.  The women in the store didn't recognise her when she returned! 



Max - Epaulette Drape Cardi - $139

Max - Lurex Zip Pocket Knit Tee - $79

Max - Skinny Powerstretch Jean - $99

Max - Double Gem Necklace - $39

Overland Footwear - Regina grey ankle boot - NZD $269.90



Jacqui E - Bailey Blazer in Storm - NZD $179.99, AUD $$169.95

Jacqui E - Emmie Lurex Sweater in Grey - NZD $89.99, AUD $89.95

Jacqui E - Carla Coated Pant in Black - NZD $99.99, AUD $99.95

Jacqui E - Two Disc Drop Necklace - NZD $34.99

Overland Footwear - Rhemy Gold Flats - NZD $179.90





A classic tunic in stretch knit with block pattern.  We opted to put a long-sleeve tee underneath; instead you could go sleeveless and wear a jacket.


EziBuy - Capture Ponti Tunic - from 59.99

EziBuy - Essentials Layering Crewneck - from $16.99

Jacqui E - Graduated Chain Link Necklace - NZD $34.99

Jacqui E - Wave Hinge Cuff (bracelet) - NZD $29.99

Shoe Connection - Bresley Darla black patent brogue heel & leopard print - $NZ 169.99




We can't believe Jackie doesn't wear dresses or skirts.  Look how fabulous she looks... as for those legs... wow!


This dress worked well for Jacqui because it's a stretch knit, which made her feel more comfortable, a wrap top and ruched at the side.  This helps to accentuate her bust but also give her a waist - the balanced body shape.  


Jacqui E - Rocquelle Wrap Dress in Black and White - NZD $99.99, AUD $99.95

Jacqui E - Ziggy Zip Detail Jacket in black - NZD $179.99, AUD $169.95 

Jacqui E - Graduated Chain Link Necklace - NZD $34.99

Jacqui E - Wave Hinge Cuff (bracelet) - NZD $29.99

Overland Footwear - Breezy red suede shoe - NZD $199.90





This is a similar style dress.  What we particularly love about this one are the multi-colours which are in Jacqui's warm & clear colour palette.


Jacqui E - Roxy Spot Wrap Dress in Print - NZD $99.99, AUD $99.95

Jacqui E - Gold Rectangle Stretch Bracelet - NZD $29.99

Mi Piaci - Boss Black suede and patent heel - NZD $230.00




Same dress and shoes as above.  The more we started to shop, the more confident Jacqui became and it was she who chose the gorgeous coat on the right.


LEFT:  EziBuy - Capture Crinkle Anorak in Gunmetal - from $99.99

RIGHT:  EziBuy - Grace Hill Winter Coat in Persimmon - from $179.99





Specsavers - Gok Wan 09 - $439 (two pairs - all Specsavers come with a two pair price offer, one pair is the same price)

What did Jacqui get out of the makeover?


  1. For starters, that she is beautiful.  Along with that, in just days, has come a renewed confidence in herself and a spring in her step.  She feels great.
  2. The more we shopped, the more Jacqui became confident in what may or may not suit her.  She picked two of the outfits above and they were fantastic on her.
  3. Try things that you may never have considered before.
  4. And do try things on.  "I used to feel uncomfortable, say in a shoe shop, trying on more than two pairs of shoes, I felt awkward and didn't want to put the sales people to any bother."
  5. Get the sales people to help you - they know their range well, they know how to put different looks together.  










“I was upset with myself, thinking that I’d wasted my beauty when I was younger, and that now I was ‘past’ it.  Seeing this, I am so not over it, this is amazing.  Even though I’m older, I can still look fabulous.


I just can’t believe it, I look beautiful.”


Check out Jacqui's story and full makeover images here.


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Our next makeover models - Hannah and Jane.  Their makeovers will be revealed at the end of April.





What do you think of Jacqui's makeover? 

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