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Makeover - Annah - May 2013

Makeover - Annah - May 2013
Let's meet the gorgeous Annah...


Age:  40

Dress size:  14-16

Height:  170cm (5'7) 



A 10





Untitled -1990


Okay, you win Annah!  Who'd want to take you on.  Annah recently lost a front tooth fooling around with the team without her protect gear on!  Ouch.


Annah lives in t-shirts, jeans and trackpants - they're comfortable and work well with her job as an after-school caregiver. 



BODY shape


Annah's shoulders and bust are wider and bigger than her bottom half.  She has a flat bottom and great legs and looked fab in straight and fitted pants (see below).  Annah needs to balance up the appearance of the shoulders and the hips without making either look too big. 


Top Half Bigger - No Text





Annah suits the Clear colour palette - she has dark hair and eyebrows with blue eyes.  That means she suits bright, bold colours.  Her skin has a blue undertone so she also suits colours within the Cool and Deep palettes, but Clear is her dominant palette.  It can be difficult finding clothes within your palette, it depends so much on what's available in a particular season, and of course the style and fit to suit.  Sometimes we have to make compromises.





Colours courtesy of Jill Wilkinson.



Just before the makeover




Annah wears her hair up most of the time for ease.



Transformation time


Annah naturally has lovely soft, shiny hair.  Krissy, from Kristina Raffaele, suggested bringing some hair down onto Annah's face with a soft, side sweeping fringe and layering her hair to give it more body and movement.  She also suggested adding highlights to enrich the hair and give it a more textured look.




Gorgeous Me would like to thank Krissy and her wonderful team at Kristina Raffaele for the amazing makeover - hair styling and makeup.  You give our models the royal treatment - nothing new we understand, that's how all of your clients get looked after!



the result


Gorgeous Me 4_0050




Bringing it all together


The brands we work with cater for both New Zealand and Australia, either with stores in both countries or online.  We would like to thank them for supporting Gorgeous Me, especially the wonderful sales staff that are so helpful.


A lot of our retailers have SALES at the moment so it's a great time to go shopping. And don't forget the fab offer from EziBuy for Gorgeous Me until 31 May 2013.






Max - Lurex Yoke Drape Cardi - $139

Max - Horse Print Tunic - $159

Jacqui E - Oval Pendant Necklace - $29.99 (store only)

TS 14+ - Signature Ponti Pant, Eggplant - AUD $99.95

Shoe Connection - Bresley Dermott Ankle Boot - NZD $219.99






Max - Essential Ponti Jacket - $159

Max - Side Gather Tunic - $99

EziBuy - European Collection Necklace - $39.99

Mi Piaci - Boss Shoe - NZD $230






Max - Stud Detail Jacket - $199

Max - Metallic Drape Top - $139

Max - Pyramid Tassel Necklace - $39

Max - PU Trim Ponti Pant - $99

Mi Piaci - Citron Ankle Boot - NZD $310








The Warehouse - Stud Shoulder Cardi - NZD $35

The Warehouse - Maya Godett Stud Detail Top - NZD $25

Max - Rib Panel Ponti Pant, Charcoal - $99

Overland Footwear - Janelle Ankle Boot - $259.90






EziBuy - Grace Hill Lace Trench Coat - $169.99

EziBuy - Emerge Long Sleeve Cowl Top - $49.99

Jacqui E - Short Circles Necklace - NZD $29.99 (store only)

EziBuy - Essentials Superstretch Straight Leg Jean - $49.99

Shoe Connection - Bresley Dermott Ankle Boot - NZD $219.99






EziBuy - Evans Feather Print Top - $119

Jacqui E - Teardrops Bib Necklace - $39.99 (store only)

TS 14+ - Kore Wide Leg Pant - AUD $89.95

Mi Piaci - Charmant Shoe - NZD $290






The Warehouse - Knit Cardi - NZD $39

Max - Allover Studded Sweater, Charcoal - $119 (store only)

Max - Supersoft Cord Jean, colour Zinc - $99 

Mi Piaci - Marzipan Ankle Boot - NZD $320


Annah didn't feel comfortable with this outfit when she was trying it on.  It took a bit of persuasion and the addition of a long cardi to get her feeling better about it but in the end the outfit won her over, she's going back to the store to buy it!






Max - Cross Lace Tunic - $139

Jacqui E - Beaded Tassle Necklace - NZD $29.99 (store only)

The Warehouse - Mixed Silver & Black Bangles (set) - NZD $12

Max - Baroque Coated Jean - $99

EziBuy - Naturalizer Haberton Cut Out Heel - $159.95







EziBuy - Must Have Blazer Paisley Print - $89.99 

TS 14+ - Luna Cami - AUD $39.95

Jacqui E - Oval Pendant Necklace - $29.99 (store only)

EziBuy - Evans Jacquard Jeans - $99.99

Mi Piaci - Boss Shoe - NZD $230






EziBuy - Essentials Ponti Blazer - $69.99

TS 14+ - Luna Cami - AUD $39.95 

Virtu - Thread Lightly Necklace - AUD $24.95, NZD $32.95

EziBuy - Evans Jacquard Jeans - $99.99

Shoe Connection - Lamica Tengel - NZD $399.99



Gorgeous Me 4_0062



EziBuy - Heine Striped Dress - $189.99

Jacqui E - Tonal Bib Necklace - NZD $39.99 (store only)

Max - New Essential Slip - $39



Gorgeous Me 4_0082



TS 14+ - Primal Trench Coat - AUD $199.95 NZD $254.95

TS 14+ - Leaf Jacket - AUD $109.95 NZD $139.95

TS 14+ - Cut Out Tunic, colour Hay - AUD $69.95 NZD $89.95

Virtu - Crazy Love Necklace - AUD $24.95, NZD $32.95 (store only)

TS 14+ - Granite Legging - AUD $49.95 NZD $59.95

Mi Piaci - Citron Ankle Boot - NZD $310



Gorgeous Me 4_0128



TS 14+ - Oriental Jacket - AUD $169.95 NZD $214.95

TS 14+ - Cut Out Tunic, colour Fushia Pink - AUD $69.95 NZD $89.95

Virtu - Crazy Love Necklace - AUD $24.95, NZD $32.95 (store only)

Max - Obi Tie Belt - $79

TS 14+ - Granite Legging - AUD $49.95 NZD $59.95

Mi Piaci - Citron Ankle Boot - NZD $310



Gorgeous Me 4_0148



EziBuy - Next Sequin Dress - $169

The Warehouse - Antique Filagree Necklace - NZD $15



We showed Annah that you don't have to limit yourself to jeans and trackpants to feel comfortable.  Ponti pants and leggings are very comfortable and Annah has said she can see herself converting. 




Gorgeous Me








What did Annah learn from the makeover?


"I learnt that I see myself completely different to how others see me. I need to listen to others more and trust what they are saying about me.


I should just "play" when trying clothes on. Try some stuff that I would never wear, dress up and have some fun.


I also learnt that I have a terrible opinion about myself and I need to really work on that. No one is gong to love me if I don't love myself. Beauty does start on the inside and I need to start changing that internal voice!


We must be gentle, loving and kind to ourselves! Nurture the inner YOU and don't be afraid to shine!"





Check out Annah's story and enlarged makeover images here


And here's Stephanie's makeover, our other makeover model this month.


What do you think of Annah's makeover over?  Gorgeous Me and Annah would love to hear from you.

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