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Winter '14 Trend Update

by Lisa Lyford
Winter '14 Trend Update

At the beginning of Autumn/Winter we shared the top trends for the season. We thought it'd be an idea to update you on how it’s actually playing out in the stores/online, and of course you will get to see how it all fits together when we reveal our next two makeovers in coming weeks.



Let’s look at the top 10


1. Prints - checks, stripes, winter florals & animal prints

Prints & Monochrome - timeless, striking and versatile. We’re seeing a lot of monochrome checks and stripes around, including trousers. And winter florals are big and beautiful, I just adore them. They add a soft, feminine touch to an outfit.

Animal prints are still around too - consider them a key accent piece, or if you’re really brave, go all out. A woman I was shopping with recently wouldn’t try on a leopard print top because she didn’t want people thinking she was a cougar!! I told her to forget that; she ended up buying the top and loving it!


Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Checks And Stripes


From left, clockwise:

Max Check Contrast Collar Coat $229 (store only)

The Warehouse Garage Tartan Print Jeans $35 (store only)

EziBuy Grace Hill Check Coat $189.99

EziBuy Urban Striped Cardigan $54.99

Witchery Stripe Insert Tee $79.90



Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Floral


From left, clockwise:

EziBuy Next Trapeze Dress $64

Max Woven Front Top, Rose Print $79 (instore and online from 19 May)

The Warehouse Garage Floral Print Jeans $39 (store only)

EziBuy Next Floral Utility Shirt $76


Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Trends Animal Print


From left, clockwise:

EziBuy European Collection Printed Jeans $49.99

EziBuy Emerge The Animal Coat $149.99

Mi Piaci Marilyn Leopard $230

EziBuy Animal Belt $12.99

Jacqui E Printed Cody Shirt AUD $79.95 




2. COLOUrS - Blues, monochrome, reds & dusky pink


Blues are the big statement this winter - ranging from soft to brights, cobalt to dark navy and purple considers itself part of the family too. Navy is making inroads, ableit slowly, as a fabulous alternative to black, which is great because it’s slightly softer in appearance and suits a broad spectrum of colour profiles. 


Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Blue


From left, clockwise:

EziBuy Urban ¾ Sleeve Top $44.99

EziBuy Sara Tunic Top $49.99

Merchant 1948 (formerly Overland Footwear) Dellorusso bag $189.90

The Warehouse Garage Makayla Shoes - Blue $35 (store only)

Max Fine Crepe Batwing Top $49



Monochrome - timeless, striking, delicious.


Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Monotone


From left, clockwise:

EziBuy Next Black Stripe Knit Dress $47

EziBuy Heine Blazer $169.99

Jacqui E Nixon Ponti Skirt $89.95

Mi Piaci Balana $260

The Warehouse Debut Lydia Handbag $35 (store only)



Reds - a pop of colour for winter. From pure red to orangey based reds, which suit our Warm colour profiles, to blue-based reds which suit our Cool profiles.  I’ve seen some gorgeous red wool coats around. Be bold.


Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Red


From left:

EziBuy Heine Coat $259.99

EziBuy Heine Zip Up Cardigan $99.99



Dusky, warm, winter pink - yum.  Great teamed with blues ( especially navy and bright blues), brown, winter white, black and grey. I'm feeling a nostalgic 80's trip with pink & grey!

Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Dusky Pink

From left, clockwise:

Decjuba Hidden Dia Knit Dress $139.95 (first two photos are the same dress)

Country Road Block Stripe Knit NZD $139

EziBuy Grace Hill Cashmere Blend V Neck Sweater $149.99

EziBuy Essentials Merino Panelled Tunic $69.99




3. Tunics

They’re still around and as popular as ever. Sometimes retailers try and convince us they’re dresses! Well they might be dresses for some, those slightly younger than myself!

You’ll still find leggings are a popular match for the tunic, but we’re also seeing an abundance of slimline pants. Team with ankle boots or flat shoes.

Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Tunics


From left, clockwise:

EziBuy Sara Floral Print Tunic $49.99

Max Burnout Panelled Tunic $179

EziBuy Sara Print Tunic $79.99

EziBuy Sara Border Print Tunic $79.99

Max Stud Baroque Tunic $119



4. Cropped jackets, including leather

I love the cropped jacket, those that end at the waist or slightly below. They help to shape the body and balance up proportions.  Short jackets are particularly good for short and short-waisted women.


Cropped jackets look great with tunics, and yes, the tunic will hang lower - another key trend this season is layering, wearing different layers at different lengths.


Leather jackets are big news for most brands this season. They’re fab because you can dress them up for work and team with jeans or the likes for a casual look.


Keep an eye out for the biker jacket - a fun look.


Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Jackets 1


From left, clockwise:

EziBuy Emerge Leather Blazer $159.99

Just Jeans Knox Knit Biker Jacket AUD $79.95

Just Jeans Lonsdale Leather Biker Jacket AUD $199

Jacqui E Katy Jacquard Blazer AUD $169.95




5. Pants - straight, skinny & ankle grazers

The focus is definitely on the slim-line. Wide leg dress pants are still around, and so are your favourite bootlegs, but the big news is still the slim-line pant - straight or skinny. The shorter look is big too - whether it’s a shorter cut or rolled up (narrow hem roll) - great with ankle boots and a little sock and flesh showing.


Having said that, baggier jeans, what they term ‘boyfriend’ jeans are big news. These look great worn on or above the ankle, rolled up.

Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Pants

Max Boyfriend Jean $89


6. Skirts - fuller & longer and pencil


Skirt designs are becoming fuller and longer. Particularly fab for our top heavy girls as it will help to balance out your top and bottom halves. Be careful if you’re bottom heavy, the style may make you appear bigger than you are - you’re better going for the pencil skirt, straight, plain styling.


Those of you who are more fashion-forward, may consider wearing a pencil skirt with a sweater style top or chunky knitwear. Very popular in northern hemisphere. Team with ankle boots or flat shoes.


Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Skirts


From left, clockwise:

Country Road Knit Circle Skirt NZD $149

EziBuy Capture Skirt $54.99

EziBuy Emerge The Pull-On Skirt $54.99

EziBuy Heine Pencil Skirt $84.99




7. Ponti


Ponti (also spelt ponte) is a knit jersey fabric made of rayon, polyester and spandex. What I love about it is it holds its shapes really well, doesn’t fade, is jolly comfortable, travels well and doesn’t need ironing - it always looks smart. The only downside, it isn’t made of natural fibres and does tend to have a slight polyester sheen to it, and I do emphasise slight. Ponti's been around for a long time and is an essential for most designers in their autumn/winter ranges - jackets, dresses, skirts, pants.

I have styled so many women in Ponti and they love it. For those who wear a lot of casual clothing either at work and/or home, ponti pants are a great dressy casual option for you. Next time you’re in a store, check it out.


Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Ponti


From left, clockwise:

Max Zip Ponti Pant $119

Max PU Spliced Ponti Dress $99

EziBuy Capture Ponti Shift $64.99

Max Zip Ponti Pant $119 (same as main image)

Max Coated Spliced Ponti Skirt $99




8. Ankle & above-the-knee boots and flat shoes


If you’ve read this whole blog, you’ll notice that ankle boots and/or flat shoes are a big styling recommendation - one, because they look fabulous but also because they’re the business this season. Heels are of course still in abundance.


I LOVE ankle boots because they go great with dressy work wear as well as casual. Yes, wear them with skirts or dresses. They look great with slim-line pants. Show a little sock with your boots.


Long boots are still around, but the real trend is looooong boots, sitting above the knee. I’m not seeing too many of them in stores/online, I guess because as a whole we may be a little less adventurous. Great for the fashion forwards amongst us.

Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Flats

From left, clockwise:

Mi Piaci Ashton Black/Silver $240

Mi Piaci Abbott Black Combo $240

Mi Piaci Acapella Burgundy Patent $240

Merchant 1948 (formerly Overland Footwear) Whizz $189.90



Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Ankle Boots


From left, clockwise:

Merchant 1948 (formerly Overland Footwear) Aldgate $239.90

Mi Piaci Kendall, Burgundy $290

Mi Piaci Gill $330

Shoe Connection Mollini Pro $269.99

Mi Piaci Muzio $330

Mi Piaci Gamo $370

Shoe Connection Dr. Marten Classics Beckett 8 Eye $239.99

Mi Piaci Blaize, Taupe $290


9. Layers

Layers are fabulous for many reasons - they hide stuff, they funk up your look and provide interest, they give shape and they work well with temperature change! I’ll never forget a friend’s mother’s advice - “dress like an onion”, that way when the temperature changes, you’ll be sweet no matter what!


Break all the rules when it comes to layering - different lengths, different textures, patterns, different styles/shapes, e.g. asymmetric hem top with a straight line, cropped jacket.


A key styling success is to create balance, visual harmony - layering can help you achieve that. What do I mean? If, for example, you are long-waisted (that is your upper body/torso is longer than your legs and looks out-of-balance), different clothing items at different lengths can help to balance that up. The same if you’re short. You may find that a lot of tunics, for example, are too long for you, but by wearing say a short cropped blazer you can balance things up.


Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Layers


From left:



10. Jewellery - multiples


Layer it up girls, the more the merrier - bangles/bracelets with your watch (yes some still wear watches, in fact they’re making a comeback) on the same arm, multiple rings across all fingers, and layered up on each finger, multiple necklaces. Personally I’d choose one or two places to layer up, e.g. wrist and/or neck but don’t go overboard. This look isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It works really well with clothes layering too.


Gorgeous Me Winter '14 Jewellery 1


From left:





The thing about these trends is that they all hold hands and work fabulously together. Happy shopping and styling.


Lisa :)



Please note, most product is available online or in store in Australia and New Zealand.



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Cover image:  Max Woven Front Top, Rose Print $79 (instore and online from 19 May)

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