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Winning tips for successful shopping

by Lisa Lyford
Winning tips for successful shopping

From my observations watching women shopping for clothes, here are some tips that might make it more successful for you:


  • Be open to new styles and colours. Try on things you would never normally select.


  • Don't pre-judge an item before you have tried it on; most clothes do not look good on coathangers.


  • Try on a whole outfit, even if you only intend to buy one item. Make sure you include accessories and shoes if possible. It will give you a much better feel for how it will look.


  • Take your socks off! How can you fully appreciate the gorgeousness of a summer dress, for example, when you have on your dark socks with it! Same goes with dark pantyhose and boots.


  • Wearing a heel when trying on a dress, skirt or trousers can make the world of difference - your whole posture changes, and it thins the calves. Stand on your tippy toes if the store doesn't have any shoes. Or take some heels shopping with you!


  • Be prepared to try on a different size. Sizes differ between brands and styles - just because you always wear one size, doesn't mean to say it's right. A lot of women actually wear clothes that are too big for them. I watched one woman recently pick up a size 12, she ended up with size 8! 


  • Ask for help. Retailers want you in their shop. They know their range inside out, they know what goes with what, and how to wear certain styles (some styles can be worn several ways). You'll find this very beneficial.


  • Listen to what your instincts tell you. Don't buy something because it's on sale or because you feel you should. You have to LOVE what you are buying. And I mean LOVE!


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