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Why on earth would you go to a personal stylist

by Lisa Lyford
Why on earth would you go to a personal stylist

…it’s self-indulgent, vain, expensive! I’d far rather spend my money on actually buying some clothes.


I know this to be the view of many women and sure a session with a personal stylist isn’t for everyone but it can be great for many. Does any of this apply to you...


  • Same old - how many of you have been dressing a certain way for many years… had the same hair or same make up style? Are you keen on some new ideas to refresh your look?

  • Your body’s changed shape and you’re not sure how to dress for it? Post-pregnancy and menopause are times when our body shape can change the most. It can be hard to come to terms with it. I love showing women how fabulous they can look, regardless of their dress size or shape - that little squeal of excitement or the tears in their eyes when they see how amazing they look.

  • Mistake purchases or you’re not getting enough wear out of what you’ve bought. Who wants that, clothes are expensive. It’s really important that whatever you buy, it works really well with other items in your wardrobe and that you absolutely love it and will wear it lots.

  • Limited repertoire - you keep buying the same style and colours of clothing because you don’t want to risk making a mistake - you’re so missing out. One of our makeover models would only buy trousers and loose-fitting basic tops for this very reason. We showed her what an amazing figure she had, one she’d been hiding for all these years. We’ve given her a whole new lease of life and she now thinks of herself as beautiful. Magic.

  • You find clothes shopping overwhelming and just don’t know where to begin. Ha, I love it when people later tell me they enjoy shopping :)

  • “I’m too old”. Rubbish. That kind of thinking is a fast-track to old age. My 70-year old neighbour has just got a golden Labrador puppy. She said, “I know a lot of people think we’re nuts and that you should settle down when you’re my age but phooey to that.” Yeah phooey to that kind of thinking, you’re never too old.



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Think about your potential


From all the makeovers and styling appointments I’ve had, it is very rewarding to help women realise their full potential. I particularly love it when clients tell me they can’t wear this or that, or would never even consider it - I love proving them wrong, and they love it too.



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It’s way more than how to dress…


After a Gorgeous Me styling or makeover session, it is my personal aim to have you feeling absolutely gorgeous and ready to conquer all. I’m loving my 100% achievement rate so far. Be sure to come with an open mind.



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Think of it as an investment…


Most people think of it as a cost. “Wow $230*, I could buy several items of clothing for that.” Yes you could, but would they be the best choices for you.


What if someone could introduce you to new styles and help you work out which colours will enhance your look. And with that knowledge, go on to shop confidently in the future; not to mention feel fabulous and confident - wouldn’t that be money well spent?


And if you really want to break it down, say that knowledge and confidence and all the yummy things that go with it were to last you five years, that would equate to 13 cents a day! What can you buy for 13 cents a day that will have such a positive, long-lasting impact on the way you feel about yourself and how you’re portrayed by others?


* minimum two-hour styling session 


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Need further convincing


Gorgeous Me gets stylist discounts* from a number of the key brands we work with, discounts we happily pass on to our clients. This often goes a long way to covering the styling fee.


* off full priced items, not to be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers at the time.



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This is sounding like a sales pitch, and I certainly don’t mean it to be, I just know how beneficial it can be - a styling session can literally transform a woman into someone who is far more confident and believing of herself.



You’re worth it. Pink Heart Flipped






I’m a private person

Your privacy will be respected the whole way. It’s a session between you and I, no one else need know.


I don’t have a lot of money to spend

We’ll work to your budget and comfort levels. If you go for our Styling-Shopping session, there is absolutely no pressure to buy, and we can go to shops that are within your budget. Also, as mentioned, Gorgeous Me gets a discount from a number of the brands we work with, which we happily pass on to our clients.



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Gorgeous Me Styling Services


Gorgeous Me Lisa Lyford With Model Kathi


That's me on the left, styling makeover model Kathi 


  • Styling Options - for men and women

    • Styling-Shopping session
    • Wardrobe refresh
    • Styling consultations - via Skype or Phone
    • Full makeover
    • Makeover with photography
    • Gift Vouchers
    • Motivational Sessions & Events


  • Register for regional styling appointments - next time we’re coming to your town we’ll contact you. For your information, I’m actually moving to Auckland at the end of the year and will be open for bookings in Auckland from the beginning of 2015. Don't worry, I'll still be returning to Wellington.

  • My Stylist - Gorgeous Me’s new styling service.



Feel free to call me on 0274 5000 10. 






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